• South African men have a unique drinking habit as they show a preference for both beer and rooibos tea during social occasions, according to the findings of the Men’s Drinking Habits Survey.

    A national survey released for Men’s Health Month has revealed interesting insights into the beverage choices of South African men.

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    The survey was commissioned by the South African Rooibos Council.

     Over 700 men participated in the survey in different settings and age groups.

    According to Sowetanlive, researchers found that 46% of men start their day with coffee, while 30% prefer rooibos, and 9% opt for water. Black tea and other herbal infusions make up the remaining choices.

    Rooibos is the most popular beverage (32%), followed by beer (19%) and coffee (12%), when it comes to winding down after a long day. Wine and spirits were also well-liked options, coming in at 10% and 11%, respectively.

    When it comes to favoured beverages in social settings, rooibos and beer are tied at 47%.  When selecting a beverage, ‘taste’ was the most important factor for men, followed by ‘occasion and setting’ (47%) and ‘health considerations’ (39%).

    Nearly half (47%) of those surveyed noted how attitudes towards tea and tisanes have shifted, with respondents saying that they like rooibos in any setting.

    Only 5% of respondents thought tea was more commonly associated with women, indicating why, in some social situations, coffee or beer is preferred.


    Rooibos drinkers have deep cultural and familial links; in fact, 55% of them say that’s probably why they prefer the beverage.

    Another 29% of people appreciate it for its flavour and health advantages.

    According to the survey, 31% of males would rather drink rooibos by themselves or with close friends, while 55% of men prefer to enjoy it in both social and solitary settings.

    Researcher on rooibos and biomedical expert Dr Gerald Maarman noted that rooibos has several health advantages, particularly for males.

    ‘It’s antioxidants help combat oxidative stress and inflammation, crucial for those with active lifestyles. Rooibos also supports heart health by improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels, aiding in muscle recovery, reducing muscle spasms and enhancing sleep quality.

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    Article originally written and published by Jared Moorgas for Cape etc