• Beige and naturals are classic and aesthetically pleasing but there’s definitely a lot of attention right now on all things bold!

    Adding a splash of bold colours, patterns, and prints into your home can be done in a subtle or striking way. Embrace the rising trend of patterns especially by adding patterned designs into your living area to elevate and transform the space.

    Let’s glance at some of the current pattern and print trends and how you can liven up your home with them:

    Pattern and print trends

    Earth-Inspired Prints

    Climate change and the environment have had a huge influence on decor trends. Earth-like patterns like florals and foliage that imitate reeds or grass in neutral or earth tones work well when in wallpaper form. Add decor pieces including leaf-like textured vases for a subtle use of the pattern or finish off the room with accents of dried grass or pampas grass. You can carry the earth-toned colour pallet throughout the space too.



    Bold florals and botanical prints are a beautiful decor trend and one that is so easy to display throughout your home. From tiles and wallpaper to scatter cushions or actual flowers, it can be as intricate or as detailed as you want it to be. Floral and botanical prints exude calmness while still bringing a dose of freshness and vibrant hints of colour. Your home can be a breathtaking sanctuary with floral designs.


    Animal Prints

    A pattern that has been around for a while but is not going anywhere. This pattern falls into the umbrella category of maximalism. Zebra and leopard prints can be integrated into a subtle or bold and dramatic finish. You can take this known pattern up a notch as we have seen it in actual animal statues, coasters, throws, rugs, and scatter cushions but now, newly seen in flooring as well. Use shades of grey, brown, and beige to make a bold statement with carpets. This can really elevate the space and bring warmth to the room.

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    Pro Tip: This trend can be expressed through artwork as well.


    Sophisticated Stripes

    Not only is this pattern trending on the fashion scene, but it can also be incorporated into home decor. This pattern might look busy but it could not be more simple. Stripes can transform a space from tailoring pinstripes to bold, broad lines.

    Stripes have a structural design in a sophisticated way. These two or three-toned alternating lines can make a powerful statement in your living area in the form of scatter cushions, decorative pieces, or our latest favourite, wallpaper.

    It is one of the more classic patterns that’s also fun and playful. Watch out for a messy look when mixing different variations of the pattern.

    Trend Tip: Vertical stripes directs the eye-line upwards and allow the room to appear bigger while adding an airy feel.


    These patterns may not be new to you but you can incorporate them into your own home in alternative ways and let them elevate the current space in your home.

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    Feature image: Unsplash

    Written by Ashleigh Nefdt for Woman&Home.