Celebrate International Women’s Day with Häagen-Dazs 

March 8, 2024
International Woman's Day

On Friday 8 March 2024, Häagen-Dazs will offer a free scoop giveaway of its “Founder’s Favourite” Vanilla ice cream – globally. This is the first time South Africa is participating in this global giveaway, which is taking place in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Mark your calendars! The delectable free scoops will be available to the first 500 lucky individuals at the Häagen-Dazs Shop in Sandton City, Johannesburg, between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

The Rose Project

This exciting initiative is part of The Rose Project, Häagen-Dazs’s worldwide effort that sought nominations from around the world to recognise exceptional women who embody the spirit of “Don’t Hold Back.” Just ahead of International Women’s Day, Häagen-Dazs proudly announced the five outstanding winners of The Rose Project’s Class of 2023. Each winner has been awarded an equal share of a $100,000 USD bursary grant to fuel their impactful missions and work.

Among the remarkable winners is South Africa’s very own Sarah Kandolo, co-founder of the #TalkAboutHer project. Drawing inspiration from the rich legacy of authentic African female leaders, Sarah has embarked on a journey to empower and celebrate leadership roles among African women.

Her project focuses on empowering young individuals within communities and capturing the untold stories of female leaders in African countries. Sarah has plans to expand her initiative, shedding light on the critical role African women play in the long-term viability of communities.

Sarah Kandolo _ IWD Headshot

Image: Sarah Kandolo (Supplied)

Sarah is joined by four other incredible bursary winners: Jennifer Seifert and Karol Ivanna Aceves Flores of Mexico, Yarett Piñeiro of Puerto Rico, and Eunice Maia of Portugal.

Entries for nominations are open

The Rose Project will continue its mission into a second year to recognise the Class of 2024. Nominations are now open and can be submitted until 31 July  2024. Those who are interested in applying can do so by visiting this link. Whether it’s yourself or another unsung woman deserving recognition, seize this opportunity to make a difference.

Established in 1960 in New York, Häagen-Dazs launched with three original flavours: chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. Over the years, Häagen-Dazs has risen to new heights, expanding its network nationally and internationally, driven by a passion for crafting exceptional ice cream experiences.

The distinguished global judging panel for The Rose Project 2023 includes notable figures such as:

  • UK-based author and philanthropist Katie Piper
  • Singaporean fashion entrepreneur Velda Tan
  • Spanish entrepreneur Inés Arroyo
  • Mexican community builder Mercedes Palomar
  • Häagen-Dazs Shops Global Managing Director Aurélie Lory of France

These influential voices play a pivotal role in recognising and uplifting the achievements of trailblazing women.

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