• The Good Life Show, South Africa’s premier event dedicated to conscious and sustainable living, proudly announces its collaboration with Ladles of Love. Heidi Warricker, CEO of Live Events, the owner of the Good Life Show, expresses enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “Ladles of Love has made remarkable strides in addressing hunger while fostering food security and entrepreneurial opportunities in our communities. Their impactful work aligns perfectly with our values, and we’re honored to join forces with such an admirable organisation.”

    In this partnership, the Good Life Show not only highlights Ladles of Love’s impactful initiatives but also pledges to donate R10 from every ticket sold to support their cause. Additionally, the Good Life Show is facilitating Ladles of Love’s presence at the event with dedicated spaces such as an ‘entrepreneurs’ pavilion for their associates and a Social Innovation Hub aimed at fostering dialogue on social and environmental solutions.

    Ladles of Love’s journey began in 2014 with a simple act of kindness by restaurateur Danny Diliberto, evolving into a formal non-profit organisation dedicated to addressing food insecurity. Over the years, they have expanded their reach and mission to provide nutritious food, support local farmers, empower food entrepreneurs, and promote holistic well-being.

    Danny Diliberto, Founder and CEO of Ladles of Love NPO, expresses his pride in partnering with the Good Life Show, emphasising the opportunity to showcase their programs and engage conscious individuals in their movement for change. He notes that proceeds from ticket sales will directly benefit nutrition and development programs for children in impoverished communities.

    The Good Life Show stands as a pioneering event in South Africa, encompassing various aspects of sustainable living. With its four distinct shows — The Plant Powered Show, Natural & Organic Show, Free-From Show, and Sustainex — it offers attendees a comprehensive experience promoting holistic well-being and conscious living.

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    Your passport to sustainable living: The Good Life Show hits Cape Town and Joburg!