• Christmas is creeping in on all of us. As much as we all want to sit around the tree merrily and worry-free, let’s be honest, the festive season can be a pretty stressful time.

    Suddenly it’s two days until Christmas, and you’re scrambling for last-minute gifts. Everything is over-priced and the only wrapping paper you can find is crumpled up in the back of your closet.

    Don’t let that be your festive fate. This year, we’ve decided to collaborate with some of our clients to give you, our loyal readers, a fun and easy festive shopping experience.

    Meet our online giftshop. Divided into categories for easy reference, you’ll find the perfect gift for every person in your life without stepping foot in a mall.

    Prizes and hampers are up for grabs, so keep checking in on the site for all the fabulous updates.

    And, in the spirit of Christmas, we’ve added a donation section that will connect you directly to organisations that do incredible work for the communities all year, because what’s Christmas if not a time to give back?

    Happy gift hunting and giving!

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    Written by Ashleigh Nefdt of Woman&Home

    Feature Image: Roger Tillberg/Alamy