• From traditional bakeries with time-honoured recipes to modern establishments putting innovative twists on the classic croissant, Cape Town is home to a collection of eateries that serve beautifully buttery, flaky, golden crescents.

    Here are 10 Cape Town eateries that serve out-of-this-world croissants:

    1. The Vineyard Deli 

    Fresh food shopping blends seamlessly with joyful moments of shared coffee conversations at The Vineyard Deli.

    Located in Kenridge, the Vineyard Deli offers authentic Artisan bread made from stone-ground flour, free of preservatives and additives, and baked in the time-honoured tradition. Choose from an array of croissants, from classic butter to indulgent vanilla custard fillings, as well as the beloved favourites of chocolate, almond, and cheese, all prepared and baked anew each day.

    • Location: Corner of Tygerbergvalley Road and Mildred Road Kenridge Centre, Kenridge, Cape Town
    • Contact: 021 914 3915 | [email protected]
    Picture: Vineyard Deli / Facebook

    2. Ou Meul Bakkery and Cafe

    Ou Meul Bakkery was established in the small town of Riviersonderend. From humble beginnings, the bakery gradually grew and extended the South African farm stall experience around the Western Cape. They take great pride in the quality of their products, ranging from puff pastry pies to sourdough bread.

    The bakery offers a full sit-down menu that showcases only the freshest products. With a focus on using free-range chicken and eggs alongside their home-baked bread, every item is crafted with love and attention to detail. Ou Meul Bakkery’s coffee allegiance lies with Bootlegger Coffee Company. Having been roasting and grinding since 2012, they boast of serving some of the best coffee available, making it a popular choice among their patrons.

    In addition to its food and beverages, the bakery also provides a wide and ever-changing range of retail products from various local suppliers, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a little self-splurging or a unique gift for someone special.

    Picture: Ou Meul Bakkery and Cafe / Facebook

    3. I Love Coffee Group

    At I Love Coffee, the adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ rings true. This Cape Town café doesn’t just serve coffee; it also serves the Deaf community.

    Since opening its doors in 2016, I Love Coffee has dedicated itself to being Cape Town’s leading roasted coffee supplier. It sets itself apart from the rest by supplying caffeinated goods while simultaneously igniting change for South Africa’s deaf and hard-of-hearing population.

    While functioning the same as all cafés, I Love Coffee operates with one difference. Most of its staff are deaf or hard of hearing. A hearing disability can be a hindrance to someone’s employment prospects, but this roastery celebrates it. The business does not see deafness as a disability but rather as a different human experience.

    I Love Coffee encourages the hearing community to learn a bit of their language. Before you visit the cafe, visit their website, where you will find access to a page that will teach you how to sign your order. The categories include greetings, hot and cold beverages, food and nibbles and condiments.

    • Location: 103 Garfield Road, Claremont, Cape Town
    • Times: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm | Saturday, 8am to 2pm
    • Contact: 082 575 1493 | www.ilovecoffeegroup.co.za
    Picture: I Love Coffee Group / Facebook

    4. Naked Coffee

    With coffee at the heart of this eatery’s mission, Naked takes pride in its single-origin beans, sourced from El Salvador and hand-roasted in small batches. With flavours like caramelised brown sugar-coated orange peel, honey, bittersweet cocoa, milk chocolate and coconut, Naked Coffee does far more than just provide a buzz.

    Beyond the coffee and tasty menu offerings, Naked’s freshly baked goods are simply superb, particularly its signature banana bread, carrot cake and croissants. These treats are reason enough for Atlantic Seaboarders to incorporate Naked into their daily routine, adding an extra layer of delight to their day.

    • Location: 2 Wisbeach Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
    • Times: Monday to Saturday, 7am to 5:30pm | Sunday, 7am to 3pm
    • Contact: 021 433 1648
    Picture: @nakedcoffee_ / Instagram

    5. Lello’s Caffè

    The Turilli family’s culinary legacy continues to flourish in Cape Town with their latest venture, Lello’s Caffè Espresso Bar, spearheaded by the sibling duo behind Lello’s Deli, Chiara and Danillo Turilli. Building upon the success of Scarpetta, Ricky Turilli’s Italian restaurant and Lello’s Deli, an artisanal food store, the third generation of the Turilli family has brought authentic Italian coffee culture to De Waterkant.

    Lello’s Deli and Scarpetta are testaments to his enduring legacy of passion and talent passed down through generations, which continues to thrive through Lello’s Caffè Espresso Bar.

    Lello’s menu has been carefully curated to reflect the Italian way of life: uncomplicated yet sophisticated. The signature cornetti alone draw crowds, each generously filled with pistachio crema.

    • Location: Bastille Maison Mara | 5 Jarvis Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town
    • Times: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm | Saturday, 8:30am to 4pm
    • Contact: [email protected]
    Picture: @bastille_maisonmara / Instagram

    6. Paris Cape Town

    Paris Cape Town takes pride in its freshly baked bread, prepared using a traditional deck oven, just as it’s been done for generations in France. Located in Sea Point, this French pâtisserie offers an array of authentic delights, ranging from classic croissants to freshly baked bread, alongside savoury options like Croque Monsieur and an assortment of pastries.

    When you enter the restaurant, the inviting aroma of freshly baked goods that the pastry chefs have skilfully created will greet you. Indulge in a delightful variety of tarts, eclairs, millefeuilles and macaroons, each offering a moment of pure culinary bliss.

    What’s truly special about Paris Cape Town is that their delectable treats come at a sweet price. For a mere R15, you can savour an Apricot Flower, a delightful pastry shaped like a flower with a sweet apricot centre. Additionally, the pâtisserie offers a wide selection of bread options, including baguettes, breadsticks, ciabatta, rye and sourdough, with prices starting at R28.

    • Location: 267 Main Road, Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town
    • Times: Wednesday to Sunday, 7 am to 3 pm
    • Contact: 076 138 2335 | [email protected]
    Paris Cape Town
    Picture: Paris Cape Town / Facebook


    7. Molten Toffee

    Molten Toffee embodies the essence of the cafés scattered throughout France, prioritising exceptional service, top-notch products and a charming ambience.

    With a warm affection for both regulars and locals, the café takes pride in catering to its patrons. Their all-day breakfast offerings, delectable toasted sandwiches, bagels, and savoury wraps have earned them a reputation as being some of the best in town.

    • Location: 45b Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town
    • Times: Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm | Saturday, 7am to 2pm
    • Contact: 083 703 1162
    Picture: Molten Toffee / Facebook

    8. Norfolk Deli

    Located at 6 Norfolk Road in Sea Point, Norfolk Deli offers a delectable array of options, with its menu boasting an impressive selection of sandwiches, pastries, creamy cheesecakes, freshly baked treats and expertly brewed coffee.

    As a community-oriented deli and café, Norfolk Deli warmly welcomes guests to savour their delicious offerings in a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich, a slice of cheesecake, a comforting pastry or a perfect cup of coffee, this charming spot has something to satisfy every craving.

    • Location: 6 Norfolk Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
    • Times: Monday to Friday, 7 am to 5 pm | Saturday, 8 am to 3 pm | Sunday, 8 am to 12 pm
    • Contact: 065 617 7129
    Norfolk Deli
    Picture: Norfolk Deli / Facebook


    9. Bootlegger Coffee Company

    Pieter Bloem, De Waal Basson and Antonie Basson, three inseparable friends, founded Bootlegger Coffee Company in 2012. Since then, the brand has thrived, expanding its presence across multiple locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

    Bootlegger’s original blend features nuanced notes of toasted hazelnut, caramel and a touch of dark chocolate. This outstanding blend exemplifies the brand’s dedication to perfection in every cup.

    Bootlegger promises an exceptional culinary experience in addition to the coffee, with each of its branches offering a selection of honest, flavourful dishes and pastries made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

    Picture: Bootlegger Coffee Company (Kenilworth) / Facebook


    10. Jason Bakery

    Jason Bakery has garnered widespread acclaim for its signature creation, the doughssanants, an exquisite fusion of a croissant and a doughnut. Baked to perfection, these treats showcase a new flavour every week, leaving customers eager to try the latest surprise.

    At Jason Bakery, a commitment to excellence is evident in their dedication to crafting all products freshly each day. Only the finest quality ingredients find their way into each creation, as they steadfastly steer clear of any additives such as preservatives or enzymes.

    To uphold the highest standards, Jason Bakery adopts the practice of baking in small batches. This approach guarantees superior quality and allows them to minimise any leftovers by the end of the day.

    Jason Bakery strives to elevate the bakery experience, one doughssanant at a time.

    Jason Bakery
    Picture: Jason Bakery / Facebook


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    Original article written and published by Sarah du Toit for Cape Etc. 

    Feature image: Pexels