Fine-dining restaurant, Marble set to sizzle in Cape Town

February 19, 2024 (Last Updated: February 20, 2024)
Chef David Higgs

Cape Town’s culinary scene is about to get even more sizzling!

With the recent announcement from the Marble Hospitality Group partners, Gary Kyriacou, Dino Constantinou, David Higgs, and Irene Kyriacou, foodies can look forward to the renowned live-fire fine dining restaurant, Marble, opening up at the V&A Waterfront.

Having established its roots in Johannesburg in 2016, Marble gained a devoted following for its laid-back approach to fine dining and its innovative use of fire and flame, turning the dining experience into both a feast and a spectacle. Now, Higgs is bringing the sizzle to the seaside, with Marble Cape Town finding its home in the historic Union-Castle Building.

Chef-patron David Higgs expressed his excitement, stating, “We’ve always prided ourselves on selecting prime locations for our restaurants, and Marble Cape Town is no exception. The panoramic views from our top-floor venue are simply spectacular, offering guests an unforgettable dining experience surrounded by the beauty of Cape Town.”


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Marble Cape Town is set to accommodate up to 300 diners, making it one of the larger upscale establishments in the V&A Waterfront. Known for its elegant décor, Marble promises an ocean-inspired expression in its Cape Town venture, courtesy of Marble Group interior director Irene Kyriacou.

While Marble Johannesburg is synonymous with prime cuts of aged beef and lamb, Marble Cape Town will take a different culinary route, with a sharper focus on seafood and vegetables, infused with a Mediterranean influence. The open-plan kitchens and the theatrics of cooking with fire, the hallmarks of Marble, are expected to be front and centre in the Cape Town experience.

While the exact details are still to be confirmed, Marble Cape Town is anticipated to excite foodies and elevate the dining scene when it opens its doors later in 2024. Unfortunately, the exact date for the first seating remains undisclosed, but the wait is bound to be worth it.

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Feature image: Davids Higgs/Instagram

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