• Flirt, a new Mexican cocktail bar and restaurant, has opened its doors to the Cape Town community, and it is far from your typical Tex-Mex tavern.

    During our visit, Cape Town Etc was pleasantly surprised by the bold décor that greeted us upon arrival. The wrap-around bar featured an impressive selection of drinks, and a DJ set added to the vibrant atmosphere.

    Flirt hosts events and live music, making it not just a dining spot but also a place to party in the inner city.

    We had the opportunity to sit down with co-owner Theo Pearson, who shared the inspiration behind the name Flirt:

    ‘We wanted a name that reflects the fun and lively spirit of our restaurant. When you think of “flirt,” you think of a party atmosphere, which is something many restaurants lack these days.’

    To keep the good times flowing, Flirt offers a variety of signature cocktails.

    Pearson highlighted their extensive menu, saying, ‘We have over 30 margaritas, along with classic cocktails like daiquiris and piña coladas. Our standout drinks are Purple Rain and Tequila Sunrise, reminiscent of island favourites.’

    Picture: Lauren Fredericks
    Picture: Lauren Fredericks

    In addition to their impressive drink selection, Flirt serves a variety of Mexican dishes that are hands-on and fun to share.

    Picture: Lauren Fredericks

    Pearson explained, ‘We offer all the staples like tacos, nachos, enchiladas and burritos. One unique item we have is the traditional Mexican fajitas, which aren’t commonly found on menus in Cape Town. We also serve seafood platters, catering to the local palate.’

    Picture: Lauren Fredericks

    Inside, the scene is set with floor-to-ceiling paintings, gilded frames and bold colours.

    ‘Our theme is the Day of the Dead,’ Pearson noted.

    ‘In Mexican culture, this day is about celebrating with deceased loved ones. Our walls display this theme with skeleton pictures and other related art.’

    Picture: Lauren Fredericks

    Flirt comes alive every Friday and Saturday with DJ performances, and Sundays feature live jazz, with artists like Chad Simon gracing the stage since their opening.

    Pearson summed up what sets Flirt apart from other Mexican restaurants in Cape Town:

    ‘We are more than just a traditional Tex-Mex restaurant. We offer a diverse menu and a unique dining experience.’

    With its unique blend of great food, drinks and lively entertainment, Flirt is set to become a staple in Cape Town’s dining and nightlife scene.


    Location: 75 Church St, Cape Town City Centre

    Times: Wednesday to Saturday, 4 pm to 12 pm | Sundays, 12 pm to 9 pm

    Contact: [email protected] | 079 041 8836


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    The article was originally written by Aiden Daries for Cape {town} Etc.

    Feature image: Lauren Fredericks