• Nestled in the heart of historic Stellenbosch, Oude Werf Hotel recently played host to an enchanting evening of gastronomy and exquisite wines from Vergenoegd Löw as part of their winemakers’ dinner series.

    Senses were awakened as guests arrived, they were greeted with the sparkling elegance of Vergenoegd Löw Chenin Brut NV, setting the stage for a memorable culinary evening. The restaurant partnered up with Riedel to sponsor the glassware. Known for their exceptional quality, Riedel glasses are expertly designed to enhance the flavours and aromas of fine wines, elevating your dining experience with every sip. 

    The four-course dinner commenced with a delicate duck parfait accompanied by brioche and raspberry, artfully paired with the Vergenoegd Löw Chardonnay 2023. This golden-hued wine revealed enticing notes of butterscotch on the nose, leading to a palate of tangy citrus marmalade, showcasing its delightful weight and texture. 

    Moving seamlessly into the second course, a short rib ravioli enriched with camembert and spiced jus awaited. This course offered a unique tasting experience with two vintages of Vergenoegd Löw Merlot. The 2006 vintage exuded aromas of ripe mulberries and vanilla, intertwined with mint undertones and hints of cocoa, while the 2022 vintage presented a lively blend of berry and wood-spice notes, complementing the dish in distinct yet balanced ways. 

    The evening continued to dazzle with the third course featuring succulent pork, paired flawlessly with the Vergenoegd Löw Malbec 2022. This ruby-red wine unveiled herbaceous hints and black olive tones, enriched by plums, blackberries, and a touch of mint, culminating in a rich, rounded palate that perfectly complemented the wild mushroom and sweet potato accompaniments. 

    For the grand finale, dessert arrived in the form of baked camembert adorned with red onion marmalade and fig, accompanied by the Vergenoegd Löw Cape Tawny NV. This deep garnet port-style wine offered a symphony of spiced black prunes, chocolate dusting, and ripe purple figs, striking a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, making it an ideal partner for the indulgent cheese and fig dessert. 

    Throughout the evening, each course was expertly paired with wines that not only enhanced the flavours of the dishes but also showcased the distinctive terroir and craftsmanship of Vergenoegd Löw. Guests savored every moment, relishing the opportunity to explore the nuanced layers of each wine alongside expertly prepared cuisine. 

    As glasses were raised and toasts made, it became clear that the Vergenoegd Löw Winemaker’s Dinner at Oude Werf Hotel was not just a meal, but a celebration of fine wine, culinary artistry, and the joy of shared moments in a setting steeped in history and charm.

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    Images: Maegan-Leigh/Supplied