The Coffee Lounge: Where foodies, sweet tooths and coffee lovers unite

May 7, 2023 (Last Updated: April 25, 2023)

Having left its nest at the Crystal Towers Hotel, The Coffee Lounge ventured out on its own and found its new home at the Manhattan Suite Hotel in Century City, Cape Town, back in 2020. Recently, it’s been making its rounds on TikTok reigniting its popularity. So we thought we’d take some time to talk about it.

Picture: @thecoffeeloungect / Instagram

With a sumptuous and diverse menu designed to cater to all, The Coffee Lounge brings together coffee lovers, sweet-toothed patrons, and foodies of all kinds. Heads up! It’s fully halaal too.

This includes everything from an all-day breakfast, light meal, finger foods and hearty main courses to an amazing feast of sweet treats like inventive cheesecakes, mouthwatering pastries, rich cakes and a variety of breads to suit every taste, diet, and mood.

Not to mention, there’s a high tea option as well.

Picture: The Coffee Lounge / Facebook
Picture: @thecoffeeloungect / Instagram

Among smoothies and cold-pressed juices, The Coffee Lounge provides a wide variety of teas and coffees, including rooibos-based drinks, matcha lattes, chai variations, and their famed turmeric alternatives. This place is undoubtedly a paradise for aficionados.

Even more heavenly are the cute froth designs they serve with the drinks.

Picture: @thecoffeeloungect / Instagram
Picture: @thecoffeeloungect / Instagram

The Coffee Lounge is also one of Cape Town’s many hotspots when looking for an event venue.

The Details:

  • Location: Manhattan Suite Hotel, Esplanade Road, Century City
  • Operating hours: 7am to 10pm daily
  • Contact details: 021 110 5771

And if you don’t feel like leaving the house, you can bring The Coffee Lounge to you by ordering on UberEats or Mr D.

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Written by Tauhira Ajam for Cape {town} Etc.

Feature image: thecoffeeloungect / Instagram

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