• With the weather on the Highveld returning to normal for this time of year (refreshing afternoon showers) and Cape Town showing off again with highs in the upper 20’s on Saturday and windy on Sunday, why not be typical this weekend with your choice of wine? Here’s how to be weather wise with wine:

    Twist open a bottle of Paul Cluver 2012 Chardonnay. The Wine Wizard (Michael Finjhon) rates it 85 points, a status of ‘good-to-excellent’, and he gives it 5 stars for outstanding value. This Chardonnay holds delicate aromas of butterscotch and caramel. It is zesty and fresh with lime and grapefruit notes dominating the palate. There is oak still integrating but also giving texture and grippiness to the wine.

    For more information about the perfect food pairings, the occasion to enjoy it in and what you can expect from this delicious bottle of Chardonnay check out the Wine Wizard site: winewizard.co.za

    Top Tip: Remember that when drinking wines which have been closed with a screw cap, you should always open the wine and even decant it, even if it is a white wine, about 45 minutes before serving. This allows time for some of the production whiffs to blow clean and for the wine to touch a bit of air.