• Looking for a way to spend a sunny Saturday in summer?

    Breakers Brunch at the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront is back for the summer with bottomless drinks, gorgeous views, and a delectable brunch menu.

    We were lucky enough to test it out for ourselves and were wowed by the delicious food – especially the stunning dessert selection.

    From 1PM to 4PM, time flew by as we enjoyed this Dubai-style brunch with sea views and live music. Did we mention the buffet part?

    Buffet-style starters

    Grab your plate and help yourself to beautifully presented starters including colourful sushi, the best tempura prawns you’ll ever have, and even a tangy prawn cocktail served delicately in a glass bowl.

    Perusing the buffet tables was a tricky feat as our plates didn’t seem big enough for all we wanted to try. We suggest taking a look around before you take your seat so that you can plan your route accordingly. It’s best to examine the dessert table too so that you can plan how much food to take – it’s always important to leave enough room for dessert.

    Modest platters

    For mains, you can choose between a meat, seafood, or vegan platter.  We opted for the seafood platter – being at the sea and all – and it was a collection of failproof faves. The mussels were a highlight, but the taco was a fun addition too!

    We were worried that after all the starters we tasted we wouldn’t have space for the main course, but the portion wasn’t too intimidating and it had a little taste of everything – it’ll be a real treat if you’re a fan of seafood.

    All-you-can-eat desserts

    Our favourite part of the brunch was the dessert table. It was almost impossible to choose between all the beautiful desserts on display. We tried to taste as many as we could, but all the delicious food we’d feasted on previously didn’t allow as much as our sweet tooths desired. (See tip above about planning your dessert selection before beginning your brunch.)

    If you’re not sure what to start with for dessert, we highly recommend the strawberry cheesecake. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of strawberry, it has the perfect balance of flavours for a cool, refreshing dessert. But don’t forget to pop a few extra treats onto your plate to truly indulge in the deliciousness.

    If you want to experience this Dubai-style brunch for yourself, take a look at the upcoming schedule and plan your visit.

    “We are delighted to once again bring back this sensational brunch to all who are in Cape Town,” says Clinton Thom, General Manager at the hotel. “Our team has been hard at work putting together the ultimate brunch experience for guests and we look forward to giving all visitors a memorable and fun brunch experience.”

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