• ROODT made by Nature is a brand that focuses on sustainability, locally-sourced and natural ingredients, and a minimalist eco-conscious way of living.

    They have a range of natural skin and home care products made with eco-friendly ingredients and manufactured in South Africa.

    Tessa O’Halloran sat down with co-founder Amanda Roodt to uncover more about this eco-minimalist business.

    Photo: Tessa O’Halloran

    Where did the Roodt made by Nature dream begin?

    When a had my son I was set out to be a cloth-diapering-momma.

    With my soapmaking background I just knew Boerseep will be the perfect match to keep my much valued cloth diapers in perfect condition.I also formulated products that I personally liked to use for personal, baby and home care without loosing my focus to stay eco-responsible at the same time.

    This is how Roodt made by Nature was born.

    Photo: Tessa O’Halloran

    Why do you incorporate tallow into your products?

    Tallow, the duct tape of skincare. Tallow is also similar to human fat, and so it makes a great moisturizer! Tallow soap with a superfat of 6% is a lovely soap for your skin. That means there’s six percent of the oils in your recipe stay in your bars as oil and aren’t converted into soap. These oils help condition and moisturize. The natural golden oil is extremely effective in providing intense moisture to dry skin. It absorbs easily and prevents dryness at the cellular level without suffocating the skin’s barrier. It won’t clog your pores and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling which means that it’s not only good for dry skin, but oily skin type sufferers can also benefit.

    Photo: Tessa O’Halloran

    What advice do you have for students or matriculants thinking about their career choices and would you recommend entrepreneurship?

    I never dreamt of owning my own business, I do believe that this is all God’s plan for me, turning a hobby and a love for my home, environment and family into a business. I never thought I had the ‘it’ factor. I, myself am still learning everyday, luckily I love to learn.

    My advice is grow with your business, Have faith and take it one step at a time. Push through and make your products or service personal. Stay authentically YOU

    Photo: Tessa O’Halloran

    Who is in your support network and do you have a team that helps bring Roodt to life?

    My Husband Martin Roodt, the co owner, the co-manufacturer and the love of my life. He is really hands on behind the scenes and for this I’m so blessed beyond belief.

    What can we look forward to with Roodt in 2023?

    Our main goal for 2023 is to stay authentically Roodt. Keeping to our vision:


    For the person who only want the cleanest of ingredients in and around their home, and around their families.We are here for the on-the-go moms and dads, our multi-use products are fast to use ,and effortless.

    Eco-kind | Minimalist | Clean | Fast and effective.

    We are also launching out our own website very soon, which I’m very excited about. Keep your eyes peeled!

    Photo: Tessa O’Halloran

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