• It’s obvious. It’s beautiful. It’s functional and comes with accessories. You can cook on it. Other folks like it, so it’s a great excuse for socialising. It will bring you joy for a long, long time. And we could all use more of that. Here is everything to know about installing a fire pit.

    Why invest in a carbon steel fire pit instead of one made of other material?

    Let’s compare other options:

    • You can easily create a small makeshift brick firepit when you’re on the go, but at home, it will eventually crack over time. Ceramic fire pits also crack. If you build a solid brick fire pit, it’s permanently fixed.
    • A gas fire just is not the same as a proper fire pit and can be a pain to clean.
    • Cast iron fire pits are another option but too heavy to be very portable and more prone to weather damage than steel.
    • Stainless steel dishes are great but extremely expensive, costing almost 4 times more than a carbon steel fire pit. Even with stainless steel’s rust-resistance, it is not entirely rustproof either. The shiny silver finish will also dull over time if you don’t maintain it carefully.

    Back to carbon steel fire pits – they are way more affordable, last so much longer when taken care of, and are more portable (depending on your selected design). The Fire Pit Company’s fire pits are made from 4mm carbon steel which is reasonably priced and has excellent durability.

    How do steel fire pits work? 

    Steel fire pits are easy to clean — all you need are a brush and pan to scoop out cold coals. If your fire pit does not have a black fire coating, use some oil as a protective coating against rust. The dishes are 4mm thick and are designed to last a lifetime with good care.

    If the dish does develop some rust, you can easily sand it off and oil it again.

    Can I cook over my fire pit?

    Cooking over the fire pit is a sublimely simple experience. You can use a drop-down braai grid with wood and steel detachable handles for safe touch. The grids are designed to rest on lugs welded to the insides of the dish, so they are closer to the coals. They also won’t warp when used over the hot flames or coals.

    If you want to impress your friends by cooking potjiekos on your fire pit, The Fire Pit Company has a potjie stand holder that fits inside the dish to make it easier for you.

    What options do I get to choose from with a custom designed fire pit?


    You can choose from fire pits suited to a romantic evening for two, or larger ones for a small or big group and the size of the spot you want to use it in. The dish diameter options are: 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and larger on request.


    A fire pit finishing coat helps protect the fire pit, while also creating a specific desired look. Choose from raw steel, black fire coating or rusting patina for you dishes. The same finishing options also apply to the stands and accessories with the addition of stainless steel parts.


    All the fire pits manufactured by The Fire Pit Company are able to me moved around as desired, making it much easier with the addition of either ring or square handles.


    There are so very many. Every braai-fan’s paradise in a literal dish!

    • Fitted lids – to cover and protect your fire pit, to use as a coffee table and play cards on, and for decorative purposes, of course. The lid comes with various handle options. Wooden lids come in saligna wood, black wood, or ash. The Fire Pit Company has canvas cover options as well.
    • Grids – choose from full grids, grids with hinges, or half grids for whatever you plan on cooking over the fire pit.
    • Coal catchers – these are made to fit the ordered fire pit or can be made to fit the fire pit you already have. They are either square or round, on the ground or suspended under the fire pit to catch hot coals should the dish have an airflow/drainage hole in it.
    • A drainage hole is optional but useful for allowing rainwater to drain. This will prevent a murky build-up in the dish and the rust it brings with it. Additionally, it boosts combustion and makes your fire less smoky (the ladies will thank you for that!).
    • Wood racks – you can order a standard one, or any size and shape you want to make it fit the aesthetic of the space (whether inside or outside your home) along with the practical function. You can also mount it on the wall. Remember to get eco-friendly firelighters from The Fire Pit Company while you’re at it!
    • If you want to go all in on the look and feel of your fire pit space, you can also get some pendant, hanging steel dish lamps to compliment your custom fire pit.

    You can also choose from the following finishes for your chosen accessories: raw mill, black fire coating, rusting patina or stainless steel.

    Do’s and don’ts of maintaining your fire pit 

    • Don’t burn trash, especially anything plastic to avoid toxic fumes and chemicals that may damage the steel.
    • Don’t use lighter fluid regularly to avoid damaging the steel over time. Good old matches will do just fine.
    • When putting your fire out, don’t use water, as the sudden temperature change could damage the dish.
    • Never clean the dish with abrasive powders, metallic scourers, or silver and brass cleaners.
    • Do clean it by just wiping and dusting it with a dry or slightly damp cloth.
    • Remember to oil it regularly, especially in the rainy season.

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