• Say hello to the Food&Home 2022 winners!

    The very first Food&Home Awards are here. Our judges tried and tested hundreds of products to find the best in the basics from coffee to frozen and ready meals.



    Who doesn’t love their morning cuppa coffee? From beans and grounds to instant and pods, here’s our top picks:


    Truth Coffee Single Origin Daterra Microlot
    Woolworths Kenyan Single Origin Capsule
    Truth Coffee Antithesis – best decaf



    Jacobs Chocolate Hazelnut Sachets
    Truth Coffee Deep, Dark & Twisted
    Truth Coffee – Black Honey
    Woolworths Italian Coffee Beans – best everyday

    “We really enjoy this coffee and have it quite often! Perfect for an everyday cup” – Food Team

    Jacobs Barista Beans


    Olive Oil & Balsamic

    Also known as “liquid gold” and (we believe) a must-have in any cooks kitchen, olive oil is one of our most-used and most-loved cooking products. We’ve tried and tasted a few and here are our favourites.


    Babylonstoren Frantoio
    Babylonstoren Corantina

    “A interesting and full-of-character olive oil that will find pride of place in my pantry” – Food Team


    Tokara Frantoio
    Woolworths Cold Extracted EVOO Medium Intensity
    Tokara Multivarietal
    Babylonstoren EVOO blend
    Forage and Feast EVOO – an everyday oil
    Olive Boutique Frantoio
    Lapithos Family Reserve


    Balsamic Vinegar


    Babylonstoren 3 year Balsamic


    Woolworths 5 Grape Balsamic Vinegar



    Melty, hard, gooey or soft, cheese is one of the things we all need in our lives!


    Woolworths 20 months Mature Gouda
    Woolworths Mature Cheddar
    Babylonstoren Halloumi Skewer 

    “The rosemary really sang throughout the halloumi. We love that it comes in large chunks so we could appreciate the meatless and unique texture of the cheese itself. The halloumi had a fantastic flavour that wasn’t overly salty and was enhanced by the herby marinade.”- Food Team

    Babylonstoren Buffalo Mozzarella

    “Luxuriously creamy with a fantastic depth of flavour. We were completely blown away by this!” – Food Team

    Forage & Feast Ricotta tub 250g


    Woolworths Roydon Camembert
    Woolworths Brie de Roche


    Spreads, Sauces, Olives & Nut butter

    What is a table without spreads, sauces and olives? Lucky for you, we’ve got a pick of the very best and all of them are certainly worth a try!


    Woolworths Hummus
    Woolworths Flavoured Hummus – Dukka and Harissa
    Backyard Farms Yababa Sauce
    Banhoek Chilli Oil

    “Fantastic to add a spicy kick to food that doesn’t overwhelm the palette. As an oil, this product is versatile and can be used from anything from marinades and dressings” – Food Team

    Backyard Farms Mango and Chilli Sauce
    Backyard Farms Sweet Chilli Sauce
    Backyard Farms Tikka Masala Sauce

    “Absolutely delicious without fault! Well balanced with great depth of flavour and a comforting warmth from a variety of spices. I served this up with chicken and a side of fragrant basmati rice and green beans.” – Food Team

    Woolworths Stoneground German mustard


    Gourmet Grocer Mediterranean Calamata olives
    Gourmet Grocer Smoked spicy green olives

    “Really great, flavourful, had a spicy and sweet balance with the saltiness from the olives. Great to snack on” – Food Team

    Backyard Farms Peperonata Sauce
    Forage & Feast Halkidiki Green Olives Stuffed Feta 290g
    Woolworths Almond Butter

    “Great flavour” – Food Team


    Frozen & Ready Meals

    Whether you’re short on time or just can’t be bothered to cook, we’ve got the best of the best to help you stock up that freezer!


    Goodness Gracious Creamy Roast Chicken & Leek Pie
    Gourmet Grocer Chicken Soup
    Goodness Gracious Lentil Moussaka

    “A super tasty lentil filling beautifully flavoured with warming spices and enough chilli to wake up the palette. The layers of aubergine were tender and the dish was well rounded with a layer of creamy bechamel on top. I’d be happy eating this every night.” – Food Team

    Goodness Gracious Lamb Tagine
    Goodness Gracious Beef Lasagna
    Woolworths Ancient Grain and Falafel Booster Bowl
    The Menu – fresh, ready pumpkin fritters


    Woolworths Sweet Potato Churros with caramel dessert sauce
    Woolworths Vegan Cottage Pie

    “This was so good and tricked us into thinking it was meat!” – Food Team

    Forage and Feast Roast Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
    Bella Vita Fresh Mac ‘n Cheese


    Innovative product


    The ABALOBI App


    UltraMel Custard Milkshakes




    Woolworths Plant Powered Crumbed Strips
    Woolworths Mango & Granadilla Cultured Coconut Yoghurt


    Woolworths Extremely Creamy Dairy Free Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

    “Super creamy with no overwhelming coconut flavour common in most vegan ice creams.” – Food Team

    Woolworths Vegan Chunky Cookie Brownie Slices



    Woolworths Free From Gluten Seeded Rolls
    Woolworths Free From Gluten Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

    “The chocolate biscuit is tender and rich in cocoa which helps to balance the sweetness of the delicate vanilla filling.” – Food Team


    Woolworths Free From Gluten Brownie DIY Baking Kit
    Woolworths Free From Gluten Vanilla Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

    Chocolate snacks


    Forage and Feast Dark Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts

    “Such a great taste and the flavours compliment each other perfectly!” – Food Team


    Forage and Feast Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds

    What would you like us to try for 2023’s Awards?

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