• Gordan Ramsey 10-minute winners

    Feast on the delicious flavours from Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook tailored for the adventurous cook If you’re looking to challenge yourself in the kitchen, try new techniques and learn new skills, then you have found the perfect book, guided by the perfect mentor. 


    Ramsay in 10 is none other than chef Gordon Ramsay’s new cookbook, aimed at individuals eager to test their limits and flavour skills with recipes ready in 10 minutes! I know what you’re thinking, 10 minutes seems impossible, but it’s actually all in the prep (and practise). A helpful chapter is included on how to work up to cooking and plating your dishes in as short a time as possible, and provides useful tips on how to approach the recipes. The key is being smart with your purchases, Ramsay encourages buying pre cut vegetables, deboned, butterflied or pin boned meat, and storing ingredients in a ready-to-go fashion, such as pre-chopping chillies or having garlic paste on hand, ultimately minimising the minutes spent preparing these ingredients when the time comes.

    Gordan Ramsey 10-minute winners


    Master of encouragement 

    What is fun about this book is that Ramsay acknowledges the skills needed to achieve recipes in such a short time, while simultaneously believing in the reader’s ability to practise and develop as they attempt each dish. The book adds the air of a real life chef’s kitchen where multitasking, forethought and precision are key to serving up dinner in a flash. Ramsay has faith regardless of your actual ability, and thankfully he’s not there to actually shout at you if you’re lagging behind. 


    Feeling the love

    Ramsay in 10 was released during the height of covid restrictions, we were at home, often with a lot of time on our hands and looking for new home-based hobbies. It therefore exudes a warm, communal feeling. When scanning through the pages of the book we see snippets of Ramsay in action, often surrounded by his family and crew, this brings a light, playful side to what could be a serious book. We can see that through these fun cooking challenges, family is brought together to take part in the process of it all, presence and health is celebrated and captured next to the mouth-watering images of Ramsay’s unique recipe ideas.


    Creative content 

    Despite the small time frame, the recipes and flavours are big and exciting. There are chapters including eggs, all your favourite meat options, like duck, chicken and beef, as well as vegetarian and vegan recipes, and of course, dessert. We are also introduced to new ingredients that some may not have worked with before, like gochujang, a Korean chilli paste, or new flavour combinations like orange with fennel or granola with salad, this exposure opens doors to different cultures and cuisines, and showcases the beauty behind these flavours. 

    Za’atar-spiced lamb burgers with harissa yoghurt and preserved lemon, Cauliflower, ginger and sesame ramen, Basil gnudi with fresh tomato sauce, Croissant french toast with butterscotch apples and sesame brittle, these are a few of the exciting challenges that lie ahead in this cookbook.


    Final thoughts 

    The best part of this book is that it fosters a competitive edge in the reader to step outside of their comfort zone and tackle food head on. Other than flavours, it teaches organisation, forethought, and in a way, patience. Allowing yourself to be taught by the book over time will create faster speed and ease, and thus more confidence in the kitchen to lean into your skills and trust yourself!



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