• It is without any doubt that water should be your number one go to drink.

    According to research, hydration is extremely important, especially during the summer, to keep the body cool and to make up for the fluid loss due to sweat.

    Drinking water should not be that stressful or even boring.

    There are a number of ways to make your newest healthy habit fun. Below are some of them according to IOL news:


    Make fun ice cubes

    A great way to make water more fun is by making fun ice cubes. Adding berries, grapes, or any other fruit of choice to your ice will make you want to drink water more often. Although it may not affect the taste as much, you have a little snack to enjoy once the ice melts.

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    Change the temperature of the water

    Sometimes cold water is nicer. Water does not have to be cold or even room temperature. Warm it up when you feel like it. Not only is it sometimes more enjoyable, but it can also aid in digestion, prevent constipation, and more.

    Adding vinegar to water is similar to adding citrus. You will get sour water that has vitamin C. Do not mix in balsamic vinegar since it has oil, but any clear vinegar is good for flavouring your water.


    Add fruit and vegetable peels

    Put your kitchen scraps to use if you do not want to use whole produce. Save your fruit and vegetable scraps when you prepare meals, and add them to a jug of water.

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    For instance, toss cucumber ends and herb stems into a glass of water or put apple peels, lemon rinds, and strawberry tops into another glass. Let the water chill for two hours in the fridge to absorb the flavour.

    Watermelon & lime quencher
    Watermelon & lime quencher


    Make it bubbly

    Many people prefer sparkling to still water. If plain old water is not inspiring to you, try naturally fizzy mineral water – which will give you the added benefit of minerals. Or try bubbly seltzer and carbonated water. You can add fresh fruit or natural juice flavours to your seltzer or look for naturally flavoured seltzers at your local market. If you become a seltzer devotee, you might want to consider getting a seltzer maker for your home.

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    Written by Johana Mukandila for Bona

    Feature image: Unsplash