• 5 ways with tinned tomatoes

    Tinned tomatoes, an ingredient we all have in our pantries. Dont know how to use your tinned tomatoes? Check out 5 ways to use tinned tomatoes.

    Tomato sauce

    Make an easy tomato sauce by heating a knob of butter with some olive oil and adding a finely sliced garlic clove. Toss for a minute, then add a tin of whole Italian tomatoes. Cook over a low heat for 20 minutes and mash the tomatoes with a fork. Throw in a few torn fresh basil leaves, season to taste and serve with hot pasta.


    Make a cocktail by blending a tin of whole tomatoes with 100ml vodka or tequila, a pinch of fresh or dried chilli and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Pour into a glass with ice and serve.

    Base for your pizza

    Drain a tin of whole tomatoes, add salt to taste and use the fresh pulp as a pizza topping. If you don’t drain the tomatoes the pizza base will become soggy.

    Bruschetta topping

    Drain a tin of whole tomatoes, chop roughly and add a handful each of chopped pitted black olives, capers and fresh flat-leaf parsley. Serve on bruschetta

    Delicious soup

    Make a soup by combining the drained juices of a tin of tomatoes with 750ml chicken stock. Flavour with 5ml finely chopped rosemary and serve hot.


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