• When it comes to culinary adventures, cow trotters might not be the first item on your menu. Popularly identified as cow heels, across African borders this type of meat is referred to in various native terms such as amanqina enkomo, mazondo, tlhakwana, and so forth. Enjoyed across the African continent in many ways this hearty treat is best savoured when slow-cooked, tender, and juicy.

    For those of us who enjoy traditional dishes then you know what a vital role this delicacy plays in adding flavour and all sorts of deliciousness to any home-cooked meal.

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    Health benefits of eating cow trotters

    Good for your skin

    While cow hooves might not win any taste contests, they excel in promoting skin health. Packed with bone marrow, they are rich in gelatin, a substance containing proteins and antioxidants. These elements play a vital role in protecting cells throughout the body, enhancing the health of your skin. Additionally, the gelatin in cow hooves supports the digestive system, strengthens bones and joints, and acts as an excellent source of calcium.

    Improves brain function and mental health

    Surprisingly, cow feet can be a boon for your brain. The gelatin found in cow hooves is abundant in glycine, a compound linked to improved brain function. Scientific studies have indicated that glycine supplementation significantly enhances memory and specific aspects of attention. Furthermore, glycine intake has been associated with improvements in mental health conditions, including schizophrenia.

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    Boosts the immune system

    Cow hooves contribute to a robust immune system due to their high zinc and magnesium content. The gelatin present aids digestion, promotes gut health, accelerates wound healing, strengthens tendons, and alleviates joint pain. It is even believed to have positive effects on conditions such as gout, showcasing its multifaceted impact on overall health.

    Strong bones and joints

    For those grappling with weak bones or joints, cow hooves emerge as a natural solution. Loaded with phosphorus and calcium, these culinary gems actively contribute to the development of healthy bones and teeth. The abundance of collagen in the bone marrow enhances bone and skin health, while the presence of glucosamine offers relief against osteoarthritis, joint pain, and inflammation.

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