• Garlic, with its pungent aroma and rich flavour, is a staple in many kitchens. However, the process of peeling garlic can be tedious and time-consuming, leaving cooks searching for a more efficient solution. 

    Look no further – we have a game-changing hack that will have you peeling multiple cloves or even an entire head of garlic effortlessly.

    To embark on this garlic-peeling adventure, all you need is a large bowl, a plate (or another bowl that fits snugly over the top), and a batch of garlic cloves ready to be liberated from their papery confines. This method is particularly effective when dealing with three or more cloves, making it perfect for garlic enthusiasts who find themselves incorporating this aromatic ingredient into various dishes.

    Choosing the right garlic

    Before diving into the peeling process, it’s crucial to select quality garlic at the store. Opt for plump bulbs with dry skin, avoiding any that appear shriveled, soft, or have brown spots. Proper storage is also key – keep your garlic in a dark, cool place in an open container, away from other produce that might absorb its strong scent.


    How to easily peel garlic cloves

    STEP 1: Now, let the peeling magic begin. Start by using the palm of your hand to separate the cloves from the root, applying a bit of force if necessary. Once you have your unpeeled garlic cloves, place them in a generously sized bowl or a sealable hard-sided container, such as a mason jar.

    STEP 2: To execute the hack, cover the container with a plate (or a slightly smaller bowl) placed upside down. With the two held tightly together, shake vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds. When you unveil the container, voilà! The garlic cloves will be free from their papery skins, or the skins will be hanging loosely.

    STEP 3: Take a moment to marvel at your peeled garlic, and if some stubborn skins persist, a little extra shaking should do the trick. Finally, discard the garlic peels and remove any remnants clinging to the cloves – they should practically fall off with minimal effort.

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