How to make use of old bread

January 11, 2024 (Last Updated: April 16, 2024)

Bread is a staple in homes across the country offering a tremendous number of options when the tummy starts to rumble, with the festive season gone leaving us back in our homes often food gathered throughout the festive season and before it, is left for waste resulting in it being thrown out, bread being one of those products that are easily thrown out once the expiration date has hit.

Going into the new year, growth and change are always at the forefront of creating better lives for those around us. Here are 5 tips as to how you can reuse old bread instead of throwing it out. By following these tips, you will not just have saved your pockets and created new meal ideas but will have played a small part in reducing food waste.

1.Freeze Your Bread:

The first tip to ensure the longevity of your bread, especially if you know that you are not able to use the entire loaf before the expiration date is to freeze it. Freezing bread is a great way to prevent food waste and also to preserve the quality and texture of your bread of choice.

When freezing your bread simply wrap the loaf or slices in foil or plastic and seal it tightly in a freezer bag before placing it in the freezer.

 2. Make Breadcrumbs:

Making breadcrumbs out of your old bread is a great option due to the versatility of the breadcrumbs themselves for creating other meals for your family such as using the breadcrumbs in frikkadel recipes or using them as crumb coats for fish cakes or fried chicken.

To make breadcrumbs, take the old bread of your choice and remove the crust. Once the crust has been removed cut the leftover bread into cubes and place into a blender till finely chopped. The breadcrumbs can be stored in the freezer.

 3.French toast:

Old bread can also be used as a great breakfast/brunch option by making French toast. Simply place the bread into a beaten egg mix and keep turning the bread around in the egg mix till fully layered in the egg. Once layered fry the bread in a pan with butter.



Old bread can also be used as a side snack or paired with other meals, an example of this is Croutons. Croutons are an excellent side for soups and salads. To make croutons all you need to do is cut the bread into tiny cubes and then fry them in a pan with olive oil topped with a seasoning of your choice.

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If you’re running out of Sunday lunch dessert options and want to get rid of some old bread, then bread pudding is the dessert for you. Breadpudding is not only delicious, but it is great for using old bread because older bread can absorb the custard more easily getting to the flavor it is preferred to use old bread it also retains the shape of the dessert.

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