• Since people are avo-obsessed, frozen avocados arrived on the scene and immediately took off.

    What millennial wouldn’t want avocados readily available in their kitchen? Avocados taste great, are loaded with antioxidants, and can aid with weight loss.

    If you enjoy green smoothies and avocado toast, it’s nice to always have avocado on hand. Additionally, despite our best attempts to choose a fruit that was absolutely ripe, we have all bought fresh avocados and sliced into a brownish, bruised fruit. Choosing frozen avocado eliminates the possibility of cutting into a not so perfect avocado. It also ensures that you will always have some on hand.

    However, frozen avocado isn’t always best in the place of a fresh one, some meals require fresh avocado. We’re all for having frozen fruit on hand for smoothies and frozen vegetables to add to soups or stir-fries, but they don’t always work the same way in baked goods or salads. Here are a few ways to enjoy frozen avocado courtesy of EatingWell.

    Best ways to use frozen avocado


    The most obvious use for frozen avocado is a smoothie. Avocado is a tasty way to increase the smoothies’ level of fibre and good fat. Additionally, it contributes to the creamy, dreamy texture of your smoothies. You might need to add a bit additional liquid to your smoothie if you’re using only frozen ingredients.

    On Toast

    On toast by itself, mashed up with an egg and some hot sauce on top? The most perfect breakfast sandwich. The texture may feel different from fresh avocado.

    RECIPE TO TRY: Avocado and feta on sourdough toast


    Frozen avocado is also delicious when it is mashed together with some lime juice, salt, and tortilla chips. Again, similar to toast, any flavour or texture differences in the frozen avocado will be covered up by the guacamole’s abundance of other ingredients. Add some cheese, tomatoes, roasted garlic, or sliced onions.

    RECIPE TO TRY: Spicy Chunky Guacamole

    Remember to always thaw your frozen avocado for an 30 minutes in room temperature.

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