Removing wine stains: Tips and tricks for carpets, couches, and clothes

March 5, 2024
wine stain on the table

Have you ever delt with accidental wine stains, during a hangout with your loved ones? Or perhaps a cosy night on the couch turns into a nightmare when you spilled a glass of red?  

 Do not let a wine stain stop you and your pals from having a great time nor allow it to ruin your favourite shirt or carpet.   

 Do not allow the wine stain to dry:  

Stains are not uncommon and fortunately a wine stain does not have to be the end of the world. The most important thing to do when dealing with any wine stain is to take the proper precautionary measures once the stain has been identified.  

When you find the stain, make sure to act immediately. Fabric items like clothing, carpets and couches are huge absorbers of stains. Fabric is very porous, meaning it will absorb any liquid.  

Never leave a wine stain to dry, it will become incredibly hard to remove. This is due to the immense absorption that took place during the drying, resulting in the wine completely seeping into the fabric.  

Once spotted, quickly grab a paper towel or cloth, and cover it over the wine stain for absorption. Make sure not to rub or scrub the stained area.  

Below we list a few options to get rid of wine stains on the following items:  


If your beloved carpet has been a victim to a wine stain, do not stress and simply walk towards your kitchen to get some good old table salt or baking soda.  

Once you have covered the stain with a paper towel or cloth, simply place some of the table salt on the affected area, ensuring that the stain is drenched in salt. Allow for the salt to soak up the stain, and then leave the area to dry.  

If your pantry is out of salt, baking soda provides an excellent alternative if the stain has not yet dried. All you have to do is make a smooth paste consisting of baking soda and a few droplets of water.  Cover the wine stain with the paste and allow for the absorber to dry completely and work its magic.  


Similar to carpets, follow the same procedure of placing the paper towel or cloth on the stained area of the couch and use the salt method. An alternative to salt when it comes to couches, could be using white vinegar and baking soda.  

Place some baking soda onto the wine-stained couch and then cover the baking soda with some white vinegar to remove the stain. Once the wine has soaked, wipe the area with a damp cloth.  

Clothing items:  

Wine stains on your clothing items are a different level of heartbreak, especially if there is an attachment to the piece of clothing. When it comes to clothes there are a variety of options that can be used to ensure that the stain disappears.  

The first option is white vinegar. White vinegar is a great neutraliser. All you have to do before placing your clothing item in the washing machine is apply the white vinegar to the blotched area allow to set, and then rub the item in your normal laundry detergent then place into hot water.  

If the stain is very fresh and on a lighter coloured item, an alternative to white vinegar is a concoction of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen-peroxide. Simply take the dishwashing liquid and hydrogen-peroxide and place it onto the item of clothing and allow for absorption to take place.  

Make sure the amount of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen-peroxide used is equal in amount. Once the absorption has seeped into the stain, place your clothes into the washing machine. 

 Wine stains are no longer a nightmare if the following steps are followed. The most important action to take, is to immediately get the stain out rather than leaving it for a later day.  

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