• Are you facing the dilemma of having leftover salmon and wondering how long it will retain its freshness in the fridge? Perhaps you’re uncertain about the optimal method to store salmon for future enjoyment. Let’s take a look at whether consuming leftover salmon is healthy and how long it is good for.

    How long can salmon stay in the fridge?

    Raw salmon

    For raw salmon, the golden window for fridge storage is one to two days after purchase. This brief period ensures the salmon is at its freshest, ready to be cooked and savoured. Beyond the second day, it’s advisable to either cook the raw salmon promptly or freeze it. To keep raw salmon at its best, store it at 0℃.

    A helpful tip is to place the salmon in a dish filled with ice, refrigerating it until you’re ready to cook. Immediate refrigeration upon bringing the salmon home is crucial, ensuring it never lingers at room temperature. This preserves its freshness until it graces your dining table.

    Cooked salmon

    Cooked salmon boasts a longer shelf life, remaining palatable for three to four days after being prepared. This makes it an ideal candidate for delightful leftovers. If you find yourself unable to consume your cooked salmon within this timeframe, consider freezing it or bidding it farewell.


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    How long can I keep salmon in the freezer?

    Raw salmon

    Raw salmon can endure up to eight months in the freezer when stored correctly. However, for optimal quality, it’s recommended to utilise your frozen salmon within the first three months.

    The longevity of your salmon in the freezer is contingent upon storage conditions and temperature, it’s best to store it in an airtight container. Thawed salmon, extracted from the freezer and defrosted, should occupy space in your fridge for a mere one to two days. Beyond this timeframe, it risks losing its appeal and may pose a health hazard if consumed.

    Cooked salmon

    Cooked salmon maintains its quality for two to three months in the freezer before requiring consumption or disposal.

    How can you tell if thawed salmon is bad?

    Detecting the spoilage of thawed salmon is a simple task. Look for changes in colour, such as a grey or greenish tint. Trust your sense of smell; if the salmon emits an off or rotten odour, it’s time to discard it.

    Additionally, if the texture feels excessively slimy or moldy, rather be on the side of caution and refrain from consuming it.

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