• Even though it looks a little challenging, patience and practice is all you need to perfect this sugar spinning technique. Make sure that you cover your working area with wax paper and the floor with newspaper.

    Here’s how to spin sugar

    Put 400g sugar, 125ml water and 5ml liquid glucose in a pot and stir occasionally until the sugar has melted. Carefully bring the mixture to the boil until the colour is golden.

    If you have a sugar thermometer it should reach the hard-crack stage of about 149°C – 159°C. Have a bowl of iced water ready and once the sugar has reached the correct temperature, gently lower the pot into the iced water to stop the sugar from cooking.

    Let the sugar thicken slightly for about a minute.

    If you wish, you can beat the syrup for about 5 minutes.

    Using a prepared whisk, wave it back and forth to draw long, fine threadlike strands over the wax paper. The sugar will harden almost immediately.

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    Cook’s tip

    Take a balloon whisk and snip off the top section so that you have long wire prongs to manipulate the sugar.

    Imka Webb

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