• Now that spring has well and truly sprung, let’s talk about some of the best seasonal produce to enjoy before we head into summer. Seasonal produce is tastier, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly as it supports local and reduces the need for imports and transportation. Below you can find some of our favourite spring fruits and veggies, and some recipe inspiration to go along with them!

    Seasonal Veggies to Enjoy this Spring


    Packed with vitamins and minerals, and extra-delicious when roasted!

    Asparagus Fritters with Herb Salad


    Baby Marrow

    Did you know that baby marrow is considered a source of protein – 16% of its calories come from protein.

    Quick & Easy baby marrow pasta

    Quick & Easy baby marrow pasta

    Broad beans

    Rich in fiber, protein, folate, manganese and many other important vitamins and minerals.

    Asparagus, broad bean & mint brown rice risotto



    A South African staple! Mielies are (obviously) best on the braai.

    Bacon-wrapped mealies topped with garlic and jalapeño butter


    Seasonal Fruits to Enjoy this Spring


    Coming into season in November, cherries are deliciously tart and perfect in desserts or on their own.

    Celebratory Cherry-on-top cupcakes

    Celebratory Cherry-on-top cupcakes

    Cape gooseberries

    Just like other berries, gooseberries are filled with important antioxidants and are an essential part of any diet.

    Gooseberry hazelnut friands

    Gooseberry hazelnut friands


    A powerhouse of nutrients, guava has even been shown to help regulate blood pressure.

    Hawaiian guava and condensed-milk ice cream

    Hawaiian guava and condensed-milk ice cream


    Considered by some to be “the next superfood” means you have a great excuse to enjoy a rhubarb-based dessert!

    Rhubarb tart

    Rhubarb tart

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    Featured image: Shelly Pauls on Unsplash