• If you’re like me, I can spend hours watching refrigerators being restocked and organised on TikTok. But watching these videos doesn’t only have to be something you do as a pastime, a well-organised refrigerator not only maximises space but also helps you keep track of what you have on hand, reducing food waste and saving money. Here are some starting points for creating—and maintaining—an organised fridge.

    10 refrigerator organisation ideas to try the next time you stock up:

    Clear storage containers

    Invest in clear, stackable containers for storing leftovers and ingredients. Being able to see what’s inside at a glance helps you use up food before it goes bad and prevents buying duplicates. Opt for containers that are versatile and easily fit different types of food items, ensuring efficient use of space.

    Front and center for expiring foods

    Place foods nearing expiration at the front of shelves or in designated areas. This ensures they’re used in time, reducing waste and preventing unpleasant odors. Regularly check expiration dates and adjust the organization accordingly to prioritize these items.

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    Silicone storage bags

    Don’t overlook silicone bags for storing smaller portions and oddly-shaped foods. They fit well in tight spaces and are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Silicone bags are durable, reusable, and dishwasher-safe, making them ideal for organizing a variety of foods from snacks to meal-prepped ingredients.

    Keep commonly used items accessible

    Store frequently used items like milk, butter, and condiments in the door for easy access. Customise your fridge layout based on your cooking and eating habits to ensure convenience. Utilise door shelves for these items while reserving main shelves for larger items and meal components.

    Adjust shelf heights

    Modify shelf heights to accommodate taller items or create more space for specific types of groceries. Regularly assess and adjust shelf arrangements as needed to optimise space usage. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different types of groceries and containers based on your shopping habits.

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    Drawer dividers for cold meats

    Use dividers in cold meat drawers to organise and prevent items from getting lost or forgotten at the back. Categorise meats and cheeses by type or use, making it easier to locate items and reduce food waste. Drawer dividers also maintain cleanliness and freshness by preventing items from being crushed or buried.

    Label leftovers

    Use masking tape and a marker to label containers with expiration dates or contents. This helps you keep track of leftovers and avoid food waste by ensuring items are consumed before they spoil. Consider using a label maker for a more professional and organised appearance.

    Create an ‘eat first’ bin

    Designate a visible container for items that need to be consumed soon. Placing this at eye level, such as on a middle shelf, makes it easy to grab for quick snacks or meal ingredients. This strategy reduces the chances of food being forgotten and left to spoil in the back of the fridge.

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    Replace boxes with storage bags

    Transfer items from bulky boxes into storage bags to save space and reduce clutter. Label the bags with cooking instructions or contents for easy reference. This method not only conserves space but also keeps food items fresh and organised, making meal preparation more efficient.

    Use turntables for condiments

    Employ turntables or lazy Susans to store less frequently used condiments. This keeps them within reach and neatly organised, avoiding clutter and ensuring easy access. Turntables maximise space by utilising vertical storage and allow you to quickly find and retrieve items without rearranging the entire fridge.

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