• While onions may not always be our first go-to remedy, we sure do need to give them the props they deserve.

    The versatility of this vegetable is quite surprising as it contains many healing effects.

    Whether you are told to chew on a piece of raw onion or place a peace of it in your sock, you’d actually better do as you told because the results will be effective within a couple of hours.

    Having a flu can often be quite unconvincing and painful but worry not because nature has got your back.


    According to Heathline – an American based health hub- the healing effect of onions dates back to the 1500s as the National Onion Association stated that “placing raw, cut-up onion around your home could protect you from the bubonic plague.”

    The factor that is common disliked by many regarding this vegetable is its pungent smell which is said to be caused by the sulphuric compounds that are present in onions.

    Healthline further explains that these are same compounds that are responsible for infiltrating the body, killing all the bacteria and viruses when placed under one’s feet. This trick aids towards purifying the blood.


    While there have been many claims that this trick works, there hasn’t been any research or scientifically proven research that concludes these results. BuzzFeed News – an international news website – shares that no medical professionals have proven or attest to these results being true.

    Healthline further explains that the onions do not have the ability to absorb viruses as “viruses also require direct contact with a human host to spread.”

    While this healing effect may simply just be some of placebo effect, Healthline shares that little evidence that foot reflexology can treat any medical condition” while a bit of evidence may even show that it may even make it worse.

    In conclusion 

    In times of sickness, one may turn to any possible remedy that they hear of. Healthline suggests that this can continue being done as it will not danger individuals.

    Dr Jean Caudle provides us with an explanation.

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    Written by Dideka Njemla for BONA.

    Feature image: Pexels