Chef Herman Lensing Has a New Cookbook!

September 5, 2022 (Last Updated: August 24, 2022)
herman lensing cookbook

 Herman Lensing has a new cookbook – Food That Connects To Your Soul

Author, food editor and creative stylist behind MasterChef season 4, Herman Lensing is a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with him to chat about his new book, Huiskos and to learn more about what makes him tick. 

Congratulations on your new book Food That Connects to Your Soul! What is it about and what was your inspiration behind it? 

The new book is all about home cooking and the food we love to eat when we need to feel comfort and free. The book celebrates my 34 years on this planet with stories and recipes I picked up along the way. It’s a beautiful book with beautiful images. It’s a story book where food is the main character .

herman lensing cookbook         herman lensing cookbok

How did you get started in the world of food?

I grew up in a house where food was everything so it was a natural career for me. I studied at ICA in Stellenbosch and specialized in food media and the rest is history. I was given a opportunity to be food editor of SARIE at the tender age of 21 and I worked hard to ensure that I make the most of this opportunity. I am a firm believer of 10 000 hour principal: put in enough work so your work becomes a track record. I think its paying off now.  

What has been your most memorable food experience? 

So many, but I think the day I ate a slice of chocolate cake from my mom’s kitchen when I was a child  knew that food had magic. I felt happy, I felt free, I felt spoiled. I felt that I can be anything. I wanted to make that a life story and a career. 

How do you stay inspired to come up with new recipes? 

I read a lot. I listen to people and I travel. If you open your mind to experience new things. You learn new things every day, that shapes my world

What ingredients do you always have in your pantry?

BUTTER! Loads of butter! And if I don’t have butter, I have cream!!!!

What’s your favorite cookbooks or cookbook authors?

Ottolenghi is my hero! I admire his way of using single ingredients and simplicity. He showed me that the combination of ingredients, cooking method and time is the secret to great food!

What’s your go-to restaurant/dinner when you don’t want to cook? 

I love eating simple, clean food. I enjoy the Chefs Warehouse collection of restaurants. Liam has options in all of them to feed all you needs!

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