Foods that South African expats miss the most

October 17, 2023 (Last Updated: October 25, 2023)
Foods that South African expats miss the most

When you live in South Africa, there are certain foods, meals, treats, and fast food that you frequently reach for without thinking about it.

Now imagine that those foods are no longer accessible to you.

South African expats have so many new experiences and foods to enjoy, but sometimes that Nik Naks craving hits, and there’s no getting around it.

Below are more weird and wonderful foods that South African expats miss from home. But before we get started, check out this guide to South Africa’s little towns.

Sweet Treats


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  • Rascals
  • Maynards Sweets
  • Cadbury Chocolate
  • Top Deck
  • Ouma Rusks
  • Strawberry Whirls
  • NikNaks
  • Ghost Pops
  • Flings
  • Milo
  • Rooibos
  • Creme Soda
  • Fanta Grape

Savoury Foods


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  • Boerewors
  • Bacon, avo, feta pizza
  • Curry
  • Biltong
  • Mrs Balls Chutney
  • Achar

Restaurants/ Fast food chains

  • Afros
  • Wimpy
  • Steers

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Written by Jordyn Johnson for Getaway.

Feature image: Unsplash

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