• That after-dinner hunger usually creeps in while we are watching television and catching up on our favourite series and soapies. Truth is, we all have experienced getting just a bit hungry after dinner, and the closest thing to eat or that we usually gravitate towards is usually not the healthiest option. Truth is, we shouldn’t be eating anything heavy after 8 pm.

    According to the Net Doctor, the kind of food that one is likely to gravitate towards after dinner consists of high-calorie foods like chocolate, ice cream, and crisps which are not necessarily eaten through hunger, but for other reasons such as boredom, stress, fatigue or out of habit (for example, while watching television). It is this type of regular mindless eating that can lead to overeating, and result in us taking in more calories than we need.

    The Net Doctor also states that gaining weight has no direct correlation with eating after dinner, however, this all depends on the kind of food that you choose to consume.

    According to Eating Well, these are the foods to avoid after 8 pm:


    Pizza is high in refined carbohydrates, which can impair healthy blood sugar metabolism

    High sugar cereal

    Cereals mostly contain high amounts of added sugar which can spike your blood pressure. If you belong in the ‘Cereal for dinner’ club then it’s best to choose cereals that are high in fibre and low in sugar.


    You are most likely to finish the entire packet of chips especially if you are hooked on a series while eating them. Unfortunately, chips contain no fibre and no proteins, it is rather best to have popcorn or whole-grain crackers instead.


    Candy contains no nutritional value, just loads of value. You’ll tend to crave candy at night because your body needs some added sugar. That is why it is important for you to have a balanced diet throughout the day. An alternative to candy can be fruit or some dark chocolate.

    Spicy Foods 

    Spicy foods are never a good idea post-dinner because they can cause your heart rate to increase, which can result in difficulties falling asleep.

    Foods we should be eating after dinner instead are: 

    • Cheese
    • Nuts
    • Greek Yoghurt with fruit
    • popcorn
    • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter


    Originally written by Unathi Balele for Bona Magazine

    Feature Image: Pexels

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