• Vitamin D. We all know it’s important, but let’s be honest, sunshine and supplements aren’t always the most exciting ways to get our daily dose. There’s a whole world of delicious foods waiting to brighten your day (and boost your vitamin levels) from the inside out.

    Why is Vitamin D such a big deal?

    Vitamin D helps your bones stay strong, supports your immune system, and even contributes to a healthy mood. Feeling sluggish lately? Vitamin D deficiency can actually lead to fatigue, so getting enough can give you that extra spring in your step.

    Spot the signs of a Vitamin D deficiency

    While most of us don’t experience severe Vitamin D deficiency symptoms, it’s good to be aware of the red flags. Feeling constantly tired, experiencing unexplained aches and pains, or noticing a dip in your mood could all be signs that your body is craving more of this vital vitamin.

    Foods with Vitamin D

    Now for the good part – the food! Forget bland supplements and boring routines. Here’s a treasure trove of tasty options to add some sunshine to your diet:

    Fatty fish

    Salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines are superstars when it comes to vitamin D. Whip up a delicious salmon salad for lunch, grill some tuna steaks for dinner, or get adventurous with a sushi night.

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    Here’s a surprising source of vitamin D – mushrooms! Opt for portobello mushrooms, white button mushrooms, or even shiitake varieties. The best part? Mushrooms are incredibly versatile. Sauté them for omelettes, add them to stir-fries, or roast them with your favourite herbs for a delightful side dish.


    Eggs are a breakfast staple for many reasons, and their vitamin D content is just another perk! Whether you enjoy them scrambled, poached, or fried (sunny-side up, anyone?), incorporating eggs into your diet is a simple way to boost your vitamin levels.


    Dairy fortified with Vitamin D

    Many dairy products and plant-based alternatives are now fortified with Vitamin D. Check the labels on your favourite milk, yoghurt, or cheese to see if they’ve been given a Vitamin D boost.


    Beyond the plate

    Food is fantastic, but don’t forget the power of soaking up some actual sunshine (safely, of course!). Spending 20 minutes outdoors during the midday hours can significantly contribute to your Vitamin D needs.

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    Article originally written and published by Jade McGee for Woman&Home