• A renowned Bellville eatery has once again raised the bar for their record-breaking culinary creations.

    Located in Stikland, Annies Ladies Bar captivated the town with their unique 4-metre long gatsby, weighing an impressive 65.2kg, crafted under the guidance of in-house chef Michael Steyn.

    Owners Joe (63) and Annie Redelinghuys (64) previously made headlines in 2019 with a colossal 79.5kg burger that shattered the Guinness World Record of 74.6kg. This burger was offered for sale at the eatery for R13 950.

    On Saturday, the Penhill couple hosted 100 witnesses as they assembled four specially made 1-metre buns to create the 4-metre base.

    The gatsby was layered with fried egg, calamari strips, slap chips, sauces, chicken fillets, masala steak, Annie’s Patties, russians, vienna, polony, onion, tomato, and lettuce – all cut into four. Annie invited the public to join and eat for free.

    ‘The idea for the gatsby came from bar talk; it was a random conversation, and we also wanted to announce that we now serve gatsbies,’ Annie said.

    ‘Three of us prepared the gatsby. We started at 2pm on Saturday and finished at 6pm, ready to eat.’

    Joe commented, ‘What an experience! We fed 140 people on Saturday after creating this monster of a gatsby. We can’t confirm it’s a world record, but it’s definitely the largest gatsby made in South Africa.’

    The ingredients for the gatsby cost R2 750, Joe added.

    ‘Our brilliant chef Michael made this possible. We did it for fun, and it was a great success. Above all, we enjoyed putting this monster together.’

    Staff assisted in lining up the buns on a long table counter.

    Bradley Isaacs, owner of Cut-in-2, a renowned gatsby eatery in Bergvliet, commented that the gatsby looked tasty but had some ingredient issues.

    ‘Kudos to them for attempting it, but they are definitely hurting my feelings. A gatsby can be gourmet but not sturvy (stuck up) or too posh. There’s a mix of cooked and cold processed meats, and the wrong type of lettuce was used. Also, raw onions (red onions, which are too potent) and deep-fried coated onions were used.’

    He continued, ‘It looks tasty, and well done to the Annies team. They might have started a trend, but my stomach would need a two-day recovery after attempting this. I’d gladly challenge that record with a classic gatsby twist.’

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    Feature image: Annies_Ladies_Bar / Instagram

    Article originally written and published by Aiden Daries for Cape etc