• From mise en place to astounding your dinner guests, the best steak starts with the selection of the meat, and SPAR STEAK CO. delivers only the best cut for your table.

    SPAR STEAK CO. prides itself on delivering only the best cuts to you – perfectly matured and expertly selected. The class A meat is sourced from a single farm to make sure that SPAR Steak Co. steaks really are a cut above the best.

    Knowing where it comes from

    At SPAR we know that consumers are taking more care than ever about where their food is sourced. That is why we know that they will be impressed by the way in which the origin of the meat from SPAR Steak Co. can be traced. It is sourced from a certified farm that is audited annually to ensure that every steak is perfect.

    A range of premium cuts

    The superb range of 10 premium cuts includes all the favourites like fillet, rib-eye, sirloin and T-bone. The meat is centrally packed and vacuum-sealed to ensure its freshness and quality – straight from the farm to you. So, whether you like your matured steak medium or rare, you know that every mouthful will be absolutely delectable.

    At a glance:

    What makes SPAR STEAK CO. steaks so outstanding?

    • Class A matured beef
    • Expertly selected
    • From a certified and audited supplier
    • A range of 10 premium cuts
    • Centrally packed
    • Vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness and quality
    • From the farm to you

    Excellent health, excellent quality

    SPAR Steak Co.’s supplier knows that only the best is good enough. They pride themselves on ensuring that their animals are reared with precise feeding routines to ensure excellent health, which, in turn, delivers consistent quality and flavour throughout the range of SPAR Steak Co. products.

    Matured to perfection

    The SPAR Steak Co. meat is perfectly matured to ensure that it is extremely tender and full of flavour when it reaches you.

    Now all you need to do is add your own dazzling culinary skills and voilà!

    Available exclusively at selected SPAR stores.

    Imka Webb

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