• Convenience is often at the expense of health – but SPAR has launched a range of freshly-prepared meals and snacks that don’t compromise on nutrition.

    The newly launched Fresh Convenience Range is now available through the FOOD STALL at SPAR and offers a variety of tasty meals to satisfy South African appetites. From pizzas and quiches, to lasagne and cottage pie, this new range is full of family-favourites.

    This range of grab-and-go meals is ideal for the customer on-the-go who is looking for quick and easy eating experiences. There are even single-serve and kiddie-sized meals for quick weeknight dinners, as well as sandwiches, rolls and wraps for lunch breaks.

    SPAR Fresh Convenience Range
    SPAR Fresh Convenience Range

    Pianca Meintjies, SPAR Group Home Meal Replacement Manager, says:

    “Whether it’s a family dinner, a quick meal during your lunch break or tasty snacks to create platters when entertaining family or friends, The FOOD STALL at SPAR’s Fresh Convenience Range marries quality, flavour and convenience, delivering delicious and nutritious food for any occasion.”

    Health-conscious customers can rest assured that these ready-made meals are always fresh thanks to SPAR’s short turnaround times. The entire range has ingredient breakdowns, nutritional values, and recommended heating instructions on the packaging to guarantee nutrition for you and your family.

    “To meet the demands of our hectic lifestyles, South Africans’ appetite for convenience food is on the rise. That’s why our traditional deli service counters have become the go-to for time-strapped customers. By introducing our ready-made meals, we are giving individuals and families even more variety when it comes to serving up great-tasting food.” – Pianca Meintjies

    The FOOD STALL’s Fresh Convenience Range is currently available at 253 stores nationwide, with more on the way. Simply visit your nearest Spar for hassle-free, hearty meals that you can heat, eat, and enjoy.

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    Feature Image: Karolina Kołodziejczak via Unsplash