Emma-Jane Harbour

November 27, 2013 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)
Emma-Jane Harbour

Jozi-born designer Emma-Jane Harbour stopped mid-Euro trip to chat to us about her blog, emmajanenation. From full-time art director to co-founder of Hello Harbour Creative, Emma-Jane is always at the ready, camera on hip, to creatively document the world around her. Expect a pick-and-mix of inspired food, gorgeous photography, quirky designs and jealousy-inducing travel posts.

If you could eat only one nation’s food for the rest of your days, which would it be? Definitely Italian. Fresh coffee and croissants for breakfast, melon wedges enveloped by Parma ham for lunch, and pastas, pizzas and salads for dinner. Comforting, fresh and delicious.

Signature party trick? I make a mean gin & tonic! I have also finally perfected my glühwein recipe.

Guilty pleasure? Fro yo! I can’t resist a mixed berry frozen yoghurt. There is a fro yo bar called Filo right outside my gym in Victory Park, and I worship there. I also love gummy snakes!

Marmite – love or hate? It’s all I knew until I discovered Bovril.

Fridge essentials? There’s always a bottle of champagne in my fridge. I once went to a restaurant in London that only serves hot dogs and champagne. How cool?

Most underrated food ingredient… Cumin.

What would you choose for your last meal? A whole lemon-smothered rotisserie chicken. It’s all about the simple things, right?

Smarties or M&Ms? Smarties! Although I do love a nutty M&M.

The dish I most want to learn to make is a pink ombre cake. I love ‘pinning’ the perfect ones on Pinterest but have been too daunted to attempt one of my own.

The one place you want to see before you die? Earth from outer space.

I love hanging out at Warm & Glad in Craighall Park. It’s such a great place to chill, snack, listen to some records, and discover beautiful books and magazines. The food is always delish.

You’re marooned on an island – what do you want? My iPhone (with a SIM card and a battery that would last forever, obviously) so I could still Instagram; conditioner to keep my hair tame and sunscreen to keep me from going leathery. When are we going?

I really want to win the Lotto. But if that doesn’t happen, I would like to skipper a yacht docked somewhere in the Mediterranean that is big enough to take a whole group of friends on long, idle holidays. Must just learn how to sail first.

I only post what I like. Simple.

Emma-Jane tweets as @emmajanenation. Visit emmajanenation.com or find her on Facebook at ‘Emmajanenation’.

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