• In a world where fast food and convenience often overshadow our health, there are individuals who choose a different path. One such inspiring figure is Thandi Mpompo, affectionately known as ‘Healthy Thandi.’ Her foodie journey is not just about indulgence; it’s a path to wellness and wholesome living.

    While you might assume that she’s always been a plant-based advocate, her story is a testament to the power of personal growth and the joys of embracing a wholesome lifestyle. Raised in a traditional Black family, her relationship with food was one of necessity rather than exploration. Food choices were made for her, and there was little room for culinary creativity. Even during her university years, Thandi was largely reliant on the provided meal options, never truly pondering the question, “What do I want to cook?”


    A journey that started with a passion for transformation

    It was only when she left the familiar confines of her upbringing that Thandi’s culinary journey took a turn. As she ventured into the world of cooking and exploration, the concept of a plant-based diet, which she had never contemplated before, began to resonate with her. However, Thandi had to confront the physical consequences of her previous unhealthy eating habits. Determined to embark on a healthier path, Thandi decided to dive headfirst into plant-based diets.

    She committed to this new way of eating not just for a few months but for an entire year. By 2018, Thandi had fully embraced the plant-based lifestyle and experienced a remarkable improvement in her well-being. She felt better than ever before, both physically and mentally.


    Sharing the journey

    Recognising that her transformation could inspire others, Thandi launched Healthy Thandi as an Instagram page. What began as a simple way to document her plant-based meals has blossomed into a thriving community. “Having my Healthy Thandi community is what I love most about starting this journey. Being able to start conversations around plant-based diets and educate people who want to know more about this concept is what drives me. To share some good into this world and be able to help others by adding value to people,” says Thandi. 

    Drawing inspiration from her senses and experiences

    Thandi draws her inspiration from a number of things, and one of them being her cravings, “There are days where I crave something and I will go and do research on the ingredients I need, what substitutes are available in South Africa, and how really just understand each key function of the ingredients in the meal and for your body,” Thandi adds. The plant-based enthusiast also draws inspiration from her fine dining experiences and challenges herself to create dishes that she has encountered at different restaurants. 

    One of Thandi’s favourite dishes to eat is Lasagne, which is adapted into a plant-based meal to suit her lifestyle.”Lasagne is such a beautiful dish and I would eat it every day if I could.”


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    Healthy Thandi isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a platform for change. Thandi encourages her audience to experiment with the concept of plant-based food through a message that is clear: prioritise your health, make mindful food choices, and forge a path to a happier and healthier you.


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    Feature image: Supplied/Healthy Thandi