• Down-to-earth food blogger Sarah Graham’s first cookbook bitten – released last year – has blossomed into a TV show, now airing on SABC 3. Following a philosophy of “anyone can cook delicious, wholesome food”, Sarah’s new series is a collection of no-mess, no-fuss recipes “for feeding people you love”

    The book-to-TV show conversation has been going on for over two years, since a contact at a production company in Cape Town suggested I film a pilot, which we did in February 2011. The pilot was shown to a distribution company in the UK as well as the SABC here in South Africa, and was then commissioned as a project. It was unbelievably exciting – and terrifying in equal measure – to start filming, and to finally see it hit SA TV screens on 5 May.

    My food blogging and writing journey started in Cape Town and it’s where a lot of my favourite food friends are, so it made sense to film there. And, of course, it’s beautiful and there are endless picturesque places to shoot.

    My husband Rob and two-year-old daughter Sophie are quite relaxed in front of the camera. Rob has been an incredible support throughout the whole process, and Sophie didn’t bat an eyelid when having cameras aimed at her.

    It’s only now that Sophie is really starting to get into the kitchen. We made blueberry pancakes together the other day and she sat on the counter with the mixing bowl between her knees and the whisk in hand, and got fully stuck in (and ate blueberries throughout the process). It was heart-melting to see her doing her best.

    Rob has his own impressive repertoire of dishes. Flambéed fillet steak, seared tuna and Weber leg of lamb are all faves.

    One of my favourite family friendly spots is Café Roux in Noordhoek, and for finer dining I love The Foodbarn, which is in Noordhoek too. I also love Cape Town’s 95 Keerom. In Jozi I really like Foundry, The Leopard, The Eatery and Peach Café on Camdeboo Farm.

    Some of my treasured childhood foodie memories are the smell of meringues, malva pudding, endless armies of rosemary biscuits and Sunday roasts, all enjoyed around happy tables.

    In winter I love a good slow-cooked lamb stew or lamb curry, sticky pulled pork, and lots of chunky soups. Roast chicken, leek and barley soup is one of my favourites. Oh, and pasta – pasta always makes me happy.

    Rob’s a complete Horlicks addict, and I have to say there’s nothing quite like it in winter; it reminds me of growing up on the family game farm in Zimbabwe. I also love to make a Zanzibari tea with cardamom, cinnamon, lemon grass and mint.

    My second book will be released in February 2014, and hopefully we’ll start discussing a second TV season soon.

    Read Sarah’s blog at afoodieliveshere.co.za.