• Riding the plant revolution wave that’s sweeping the world are special days, weeks and even months dedicated to eating less meat. Think Meatless Monday, Flexitarian Friday and Veganuary. Once again, avos are right up there, dominating meat-free dishes like veggie bounty bowls; meatless makeover meals like tacos; and trendy newcomers, nosh platters. No matter when, where or how – just add an avo!

    Nosh boards and sharing platters are all the rage. Avocados alone are a complete meal, and need only a few accompaniments to complete the board.

    Try a selection of mini vegetables such as carrots, radishes and cucumber wedges along with bread sticks or cheese straws and add some edamame beans, vegetable crisps, olives and fried capers.

    For more avolicious recipes, visit www.avocado.co.za.

    Imka Webb

    Imka Webb is a freelance digital marketing expert and the digital editor of Food & Home Entertaining magazine.  www.imkawebb.com