• Canderel chocolate egg lollies

    Serves: 4 large lollies


    • 3 x 85g Canderel milk chocolate slabs
    • A clear plastic chocolate mold with 4 compartments (in the shape of your choice) with spaces for the sticks
    • 4 plastic or wooden lollipop sticks
    • Glitter for dusting (optional)



    Ensure the mold is clean and dry before starting. Bring two cups of water to the boil in a large pot. Place a smaller pot or bowl over the larger one. Break the Canderel milk chocolate into pieces and place in the small bowl. Turn the heat down to a simmer and gently melt the chocolate, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.


    Place the molds on a hard, flat surface and pour the melted chocolate into them. Gently tap the mold onto the hard surface to get rid of any air bubbles.


    Insert the stick at an angle about 3cm into the chocolate, ensuring that it’s covered. Lay the stick down flat in the stick channel. Place the mold in the fridge to set. When set, the chocolate will start coming away from the mould and no longer look wet.


    Once completely set, remove the chocolate from the molds. Sprinkle glitter as desired, taking care not to touch the chocolate.


    Store in an airtight container, in a cool dark place (not the fridge).