Chunky gazpacho

June 20, 2008 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)

Traditionally eaten by labourers in the fields of Andalusia, this makes a quick and easy weekday lunch or casual supper. Our cheat’s version gives you a good start by incorporating ready-made ratatouille.

Chunky gazpacho

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 15 mins excluding cooling time


  • 1 x 390g tin ratatouille
  • 100ml water
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 15ml olive oil
  • 2 slices day-old ciabatta or baguette, cubed
  • 1 red pepper, seeded and cubed
  • ½ cucumber, seeded and cubed



Put the ratatouille, water and garlic in a pot and bring to the boil. Season.


Remove and cool completely. Place in the fridge until needed.


Heat the oil in a frying pan and lightly sauté the bread until golden. Remove and drain on kitchen towel.


To serve, place the cold soup in serving bowls, and top with the bread, pepper and cucumber.

If you prefer more zing, add a squeeze of lemon juice and some Tabasco, to taste.


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