• Classic fudge

    Experience the timeless sweetness of our classic fudge recipe. With its rich and velvety texture, this nostalgic treat takes you back to cherished flavours. Perfectly balanced and oh-so-decadent, it’s a delightful confection that will satisfy every sweet tooth.


    Classic fudge

    By Jezza-Rae Larsen Serves: Makes 16 blocks
    Total Time: 40 min + cooling


    • 4 cups caster sugar 
    • ⅔ cup water 
    • ¼ cup golden syrup 
    • 160 g butter 
    • 2 x 385 g tin condensed milk
    • 3 tsp  vanilla 
    • 2 tsp flakey sea salt 



    Grease and line a square 20x20cm baking tin with baking paper. 


    Place sugar, water, golden syrup, butter and condensed milk in a large pot. Stir over medium-low heat until combined and sugar has dissolved.


    Increase the heat to medium. Cook the mixture, stirring constantly, for about 10 minutes until golden in colour and the temperature reads about 115ºC on a candy thermometer. To test if it’s ready, drop a small amount of mixture in a glass of iced water; it should form a soft ball that can hold its shape when lifted out of the water. If a ball doesn’t form, then cook the mixture for a little longer and test again.


    Remove from the heat stir in the vanilla essence and salt. Place the pot into a sink filled with cold water and beat the mixture with a silicone spatula until it crystallises - the mixture will thicken, loose its shine and take on a slightly gritty texture).. You can use an electric mixer to speed up the process - just be careful as the mixture is extremely hot.


    Once the mixture is very thick and of a spreadable consistency, scrape into the prepared tin and smooth the top. Allow to cool completely at room temperature. Cut fudge into blocks and enjoy! 


    Make sure to cook the fudge for long enough and to beat it until thick and almost set, to achieve the best texture.


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    Recipes & styling: Jezza-Rae Larsen

    Photography: Callen Jefferson