Double chocolate and bran rusks served with a Caffè Macchiato by Chef Alfred Henry

April 11, 2017 (Last Updated: April 12, 2017)
Double chocolate and bran rusks served with a Caffè Macchiato

The chocolate rusks keep it South African, but chocolate is not something you see often in a rusk. We’ve paired it with a caffè macchiato, so the rusk complements the stronger coffee and vice versa

PAIR WITH Richness derived from the milk and the nutty characteristics of the rusks requires an equally lush, full-bodied, sweet wine with honeyed and marmalade notes. The legendary Vin de Constance Natural Sweet Wine from Klein Constantia Estate would be the perfect indulgence. Alternatively, the Mullineux Olerasay Swartland Chenin Blanc Straw Wine makes for a great match.

Double chocolate and bran rusks served with a Caffè Macchiato

Serves: 40
Cooking Time: 1 hr 30 mins + overnight, to dry


  • 500g butter
  • 440g sugar
  • 900g self-raising flour
  • 100g cocoa powder
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) baking powder
  • 5ml (1 tsp) salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 500ml buttermilk
  • 280g Kellogg’s All-Bran Flakes
  • 200g dark chocolate chips



Preheat the oven to 180˚C and grease a 35cm x 26cm baking tin. Sieve the dry ingredients together.


In a large separate bowl, combine the eggs and buttermilk, and whisk until smooth.


Rub the butter into the sieved flour mixture to form a fine crumb. Once this is achieved, add the Kellogg’s All- Bran Flakes and chocolate chips and mix through.


Mix through the buttermilk and egg mixture until a soft, sticky dough is formed, and all of the dry ingredients are combined.


Place the soft, sticky dough on a lightly floured surface and divide the dough into small logs of about 7cm x 2cm x 2cm each. Lay these logs side by side in the prepared baking tin.Bake, approximately 1 hour or until a knife comes out clean when pierced.


Remove from oven and allow the rusk cake to cool on a wire cooling rack, until completely cold. Remove the rusk cake from the baking tin, cut into pieces along the log formations and place on a baking tray.


Reduce the temperature of the oven to a very low heat, around 90˚C. Place the wire rack in the oven and allow the rusks to dry out overnight. Store in an airtight container.

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