Ice-cream sandwich cookies

November 25, 2013 (Last Updated: October 10, 2019)
Ice-cream sandwich cookies recipe

Ice-cream sandwich cookies are a true childhood favourite. You can’t go wrong with these yummy treats, beloved by kids and grown-ups alike. We’ve used our triple chocolate almond cookies as the cookie bases, and you should too!  

Ice-cream sandwich cookies

Serves: Makes 15 – 20 cookies
Cooking Time: 40 mins + 2 hrs freezing


  • 750ml – 1L (3 – 4 cups) good quality, store-bought vanilla ice cream
  • 8 – 10 triple chocolate almond cookies (link in description)
  • 150g grated chocolate



Soften the vanilla ice cream slightly and sandwich ice cream between two cookies.


Neaten the edges with a knife and dip into grated chocolate.


Serve immediately for an oozy, soft cookie or freeze for 2 hours for a harder ice-cream sandwich cookie.


Cook's tip: Make these frozen cookies up to a week in advance.


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