• Serves: 4 – 6
    Difficulty level: A little effort
    Time: 20 mins excluding freezing time

    Serve the sorbet in the melon skins for a gorgeous dessert.


    1 small spanspek melon
    juice of ½ lemon
    210g castor sugar
    125ml water
    250ml dry white wine


    1. Cut the spanspek in half and discard the seeds. Carefully scrape out the flesh, leaving the skin intact to form “bowls” in which to freeze the sorbet.
    2. Liquidise the spanspek to form a smooth purée. Set aside.
    3. Put the castor sugar and water in a small pot, simmer for 10 minutes and allow to cool. Once the syrup has cooled, mix with the purée and the wine. Pour into an ice cream machine and churn to a sorbet.
    4. Spoon the sorbet into the halved melon skins and freeze until solid. Cut the melons into quarters and serve as is.

    If you do not have an ice-cream machine, pour the mixture into a plastic container, cover and freeze until it has partially frozen and ice crystals have begun to form. Beat until smooth with an electric beater and freeze again.