• In the spirit of the iconic TV show Friends and in honour of Matthew Perry, we’ve put together a recipe roundup that transports you to the cosy Central Perk and the beloved characters’ unforgettable moments. These recipes celebrate the camaraderie and laughter of Friends and are a delightful way to reminisce about the show that captured our hearts.

    New York cheesecake

    A certain episode might come to mind – one that featured Chandler accidentally getting a cheesecake in the mail and sharing it with Rachel.

    New York cheesecake

    Roast turkey

    In a Thanksgiving-themed flashback, Joey playfully dons a turkey on his head to startle Chandler. In the present, Chandler is disheartened by past Thanksgiving revelations, prompting Monica to don a turkey disguise with sunglasses and a fez to lift his spirits.

    Roast turkey with herb and garlic butter

    Strawberry jam

    Monica’s “Jam Plan” helped her cope with a breakup with Richard.

    How to make strawberry jam in a microwave


    Monica’s culinary escapades create a lasagne surplus, first in her failed attempt to cater for her vegetarian aunt. In another twist, she loses a fake fingernail while baking quiches for her mother’s party, revealing her mom’s foresight with backup lasagna trays.

    Beef Lasagne

    Multi-layered trifle

    We all remember Rachel’s infamous concoction, featuring ladyfingers, jam, custard, fruit, and an accidental beef layer.

    Multi-layered trifle

    Chocolate chip cookies

    Monica’s quest for Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies turns chaotic after the recipe is lost in a fire. Numerous cookie batches vary in taste, leading to a revelation: it’s the Nestlé Toll House recipe!

    The ultimate chocolate chip cookies

    Feature image: Friends/Facebook