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    Tiramisu and meringue layer cakes

    Serves: Makes 6 individual portions
    Cooking Time: 30 mins + extra, to set



    • 100g SPAR Cake Wheat Flour
    • 30ml (2 tbsp) cocoa powder
    • 3ml bicarbonate of soda
    • 5ml (1 tsp) baking powder
    • 1 large egg
    • 130g SPAR Castor Sugar
    • 5ml (1 tsp) vanilla extract
    • 110ml SPAR Espresso Filter Coffee (Strong Roast)

    • 375ml (1½ cups) SPAR Long Life Cream
    • 125ml (½ cup) cold water
    • 30ml (2 tbsp) Kahlúa liqueur (optional)
    • 1 x 200g sachet SPAR Quick & Easy Tiramisu Instant Dessert Mix
    • 30ml (2 tbsp) cocoa powder
    • 250g SPAR Full Fat Cream Cheese Mascarpone

    • 2 large egg whites
    • 80g SPAR Castor Sugar
    • 5ml (1 tsp) vanilla extract



    Grease 6 ring moulds (7cm in diameter) with non-stick cooking spray and set on a baking tray lined with a silicone mat.


    Preheat the oven to 180˚C. For the base, line a baking tray with baking paper and lightly grease with non-stick cooking spray.


    Sift the flour, cocoa, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder into a mixing bowl, and stir to combine.


    Place the egg, 130g castor sugar and the vanilla extract in a mixing bowl, and whisk until the mixture has thickened. Fold in the flour mixture and coffee, alternating. Pour into the baking tray and spread out evenly. Bake until the cake sponge springs back when lightly touched, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.


    For the tiramisu, pour the cream, water and liqueur (if desired) into a large mixing bowl, and add the Tiramisu Instant Dessert Mix and cocoa powder. Whisk until soft peaks form – do not whip stiff. Gently fold in the mascarpone.


    Cut out six discs from the cake, using the ring moulds.


    Fill a piping bag with the chocolate tiramisu mixture and pipe into the moulds to fill them halfway, smooth and refrigerate, 5 hours or overnight.


    Once you are ready to serve, make the meringue by combining the egg whites, 80g castor sugar and the vanilla extract in a mixing bowl, and whisk until stiff peaks form. (The bowl must be scrupulously clean and dry or the whites won’t reach full volume.) Pipe the meringue over the tiramisu and smooth out. Use a kitchen blowtorch to toast the meringue and serve.

    Imka Webb

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