• Exciting dessert treats do not have to stop simply because summer holidays are over.

    How about you give these easy to make churro balls an attempt and see if you won’t find them irresistible.

    This dessert treat comes in the form of fried dough and is topped off by being coated in cinnamon sugar and often enjoyed with many other toppings such as caramel, various syrups and melted chocolate. Churros are often popularly enjoyed in long stick forms, however can be enjoyed in various shapes, with the round ball shops being effective and easy to make.

    While we begin the year on a very timely note, we often shy away from time consuming meals and desserts.

    Kids often find January dinners quite boring as they do not contain as much excitement and sweet treats as the ones they were being served with during summer holidays.

    We are here to tell that the above mentioned statement does not have to comply to you as we have prepared an easy to make dessert treat that your palate will thank you for.

    At times, such easy treats can be used to make your kids lunch exciting regardless of what they carry for lunch to school.

    Prepare their much loved peanut butter and jam sandwich and pack their fruits and water. Add a bit excitement to their lunch and school days by add 3/4 churro balls and watch as you take the title of being the best parent.

    To attempt the recipe provided by Grace Mondlana –  a digital content creator – you will need the following ingredients:

    • Oil
    • Eggs
    • Flour
    • Butter
    • Vanilla Essence
    • Cinnamon Sugar
    • Baking Chocolate

    Watch the video below to see the preparation steps to follow to achieve these churro balls.

    Written by Dideka Njemla for BONA.

    Feature image: Grace Ntsako Mondlana/Instagram.