• Snack on these delicious fries with a creamy 1000 island dip to keep the hunger pangs at bay during your next braai!

    Crispy Sweet-Potato Fries with 1000 Island Dip

    Serves: 4
    Cooking Time: 30 mins


    • 1 x 750g pack frozen sweet potato fries (or make your own from fresh sweet potatoes)
    • sunflower/canola oil, to deep-fry
    • salt, to taste
    • 110g creamy mayonnaise
    • 2 tbsp Knorr Creamy 1000 Island Salad Dressing
    • fresh flat-leaf parlsey, to garnish



    Deep-fry the frozen sweet potato fries according to packaging instructions. Place on paper towel to absorb excess oil. Season to taste with the salt.


    In a small bowl, combine the mayonnaise with the Knorr Creamy 1000 Island Salad Dressing. Mix until well combined. Transfer to a dip bowl.


    Serve the sweet potato fries warm, with the 1000 Island dip alongside. Garnish with the fresh flat-leaf parsley.


    Skip the mayonnaise or tomato sauce and grab some Knorr Creamy 1000 Island Salad Dressing .instead. It’s delicious on burgers, with steak, over boerewors, with fries or even drizzled over buttery baked potatoes. Yum!