• There are few things most people in the world can agree on – one of them being that there’s nothing quite as scrumptious as biting into a perfectly juicy burger.

    Whether it’s the hands-on factor or the perfect bun-to-filling ratio that gives burgers their satisfying appeal, the Mother City is home to a number of the best halaal burger joints.


    Flame-grilled goodness slathered in a delicious sauce and topped with cheese and a toasted bun. They also offer a range of other burgers, including a crispy chicken burger, all at affordable prices. Head to Wynberg and grab one of their mouth-watering burgers and a side of their newly introduced shakes.

    Picture: Izzy Burgers / Instagram
    • Location: 121 Ottery Road, Wynberg,
    • Contact: 021 023 2780

    Talladega Grill

    When you feel like carbo-loading, this American-style BBQ smokehouse and burger joint combines comfort with comfort, serving two universal classic favourites in one wholesomely satisfying burger. And for the smoked meats connoisseurs, rest assured, all their products are smoked in a custom-built natural wood smoker made with the finest Apple and Oakwood.

    In the spirit of all things classic, have one of their gourmet milkshakes. After all, it’s the best accompaniment to any burger, besides fries of course.

    Picture: @talladegagrill / Instagram
    • Location: 343 Imam Haron Rd, Lansdowne
    • Contact: 067 875 3509

    Rack and Grill 

    If you’re looking for a Halaal-friendly option to dig into while exploring Town, Rack and Grill is the perfect option. They offer a number of drool-worthy burgers, including a mushroom sauce burger and a chilli cheese chicken burger. They’re also known for their beef ribs, so make sure that you give that a try.

    Picture: Rack and Grill / Instagram
    • Location: 91 Plein Street, Cape Town City Centre
    • Contact: 073 918 2527

    The Wynburger

    The pumpkin fritter is a Cape Malay favourite, and a popular choice of sweet treat to have on the boeka table during the month of Ramadan. The Wynburger’s innovative founder, Sameer Omer, has managed to create the perfect mashup of savoury and sweet by swapping out the classic buttered bun for two pumpkin fritters topped with a caramel sauce.

    Throw in some kaanget basting, or litchi-infused onion rings for the Boeta ‘O’ burger, and a range of masterpieces were created.

    There’s even a vegetarian option that’s pretty amusingly been named ‘The Rondeposch Burger

    It sounds a little strange, but we guarantee you, it works.

    Picture: @wynburger / Instagram
    • Location: 51 Park Road, Wynberg
    • Contact: 071 102 2012

    Conscious Carnivores

    The best Halaal burger in town? So it’s rumoured, but you’ll have to head to Makers Landing to give it a go yourself. They have a range of glorious meaty options, including juicy steaks and too-big-for-your-mouth burgers.

    Picture: conscious_carnivores / Instagram
    • Location: G22 Makers Landing, V&A Waterfront
    • Contact: 072 963 5414

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    Written by Tauhira Ajam for Cape {town} Etc.

    Feature image: Getty Images